Monday, January 31, 2011

6 Month :)

Happy 6 Month Birthday Grayson

I love you like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Your daddy's little Monkey Man. Your "meesh meesh mush mush" to your aunties. Your "chubby wubby" to your grandma. Your "so cute" to your Pepere. Your "a biga boy" to your nonna. Your the best chicken nugget I've EVER seen. (we'll tell you that story when you get bigger:)

Since Dan and I don't want to get TOO sappy with the post, we've decided to list: Reasons we love being your Mom and Dad

1. We love that: Your idea of kisses are really just chewing on Momma's face (note - momma, he only chews on MOMMA's face?!!)
2. We love that: You smile so big....You laugh SO BIG
3. We love that: Getting up early is kind of fun when you have a cool little monkey like you
4. We love that: You started giving hugs in your own little way. MELT
5. We love that: You LOVE watching us do things. Your very observant.
6. We love that: We sometimes both get up for your night feeding - because it's family time.
7. We love that: Our lives are full of showing you new places/things
8. We love that: We love watching you LOVE, to jumpa, jumpa, jump! in your Jumperoo.
9. We love that: You have lots of people who love you, who beg us to send them pictures andtexts and emails with your little face attached. That, my little boy, is awesome. and true love.

10. We love that: Because of you, we have the perfect little family.

Your Stats:

Weight: 17lbs 1 oz - 50th Percentile
Length: 27.5 in - 90th Percentile

Pretty decent sized kid, there!

What he's been up to:
*started eating solids. Along with the rice cereal, we've introduced avocados, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and will introduce peaches next week. Out of those foods, he refuses to eat the banana. (also, if you didn't see my last post - I've been making G's baby food - homemade!)
*He's started babbling a lot more.
*He's in 9 month Carter Clothes and 6-12 month Old Navy/Gap clothes
*Enjoys sticking his tongue out
*Pays attention to Flash Cards
*Still in size 2 diapers
*We had to pull up his Jumperoo to the middle notch
*We finally brought the swing down to the basement. I don't think he's been in it since Thanksgiving.
*We brough the "baby" tub down to the basement
*He laughs a lot more!
*He will shut his mouth when he doesn't want food.
*He loves playing/observing his toys
*He's signed up for Swim Lessons in February! We are so excited to get him in the water.

Can't do yet
*still has not rolled over yet
*we're working on getting him on "all fours" when he's on his tummy. He can push his little body up with his arms, we just have to work with him on his lower half.

So, for some pictures:)
I last minute decided I would try to throw a sheet over his crib and make a "background". It worked until I realized that the sheet had the fold marks in them. hehe. Next time, I'll be sure to iron out the sheet for a nice, clean background!

Pulling at the sticker.

Look at the chubb face!

Glazed look in his eyes..

I think he's giving me an eyebrow

So, that's it for the monthly update!


  1. This is like my favorite post ever! So sweet <3 I can't believe he's standing he is so mature!

  2. He's so cute! I love his lower lip :)