Sunday, January 2, 2011

5 Month!

Happy 5 Month Birthday G!

I'm a little late with the update, but we've been super super busy.

G goes to the doc at the end of the month for his weight and length, so I don't have those stats for ya.

*is making his way into 6-12month clothes, 9 month clothes (carters)
*eats roughly 35-4o ounces a day. If he's not feeling well that number drops to right below 30.
*still in a size 2 diaper
*laughing more
*has grown TWO bottom teeth
*hair is coming in..definitely blonde
*eye color -still undecided. We're pretty sure they're going to be brown.
*he can sit on his own, unsupported.
*he loves to stand. We've set up our ottoman so that he can stand on his own. (he would let us hold him standing for hours if we let him)
*still won't take any food other then formula.
*still hasn't rolled over.
*still HATES being on his stomach. Not sure how he's going to crawl!

Loving to stand!

Close-up of the happy boy:)

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