Monday, January 3, 2011

Big Things


....and with the New Year comes the New Years Resolutions.
and because you REALLY wanted to know - here are my Resolutions{TO DO list}

1. Try to go Paperless in hopes that I can stay more organized{less paper means more organization, right?} Really the organization part is the most important. With G around, our house seems to be in a state of disarray at all times. odd. :P

2. Travel with my family

3. Get rid of the ridiculous amount of cardboard/junk in the basement {this is already organized into piles, just need someone to come take it away from my house for me}

4. Convert the Formal Dining Room/Living Room into a PLAYROOM: the process has started on this one. Things have started to be boxed up and moved to the basement. I think this will be a good move for us, having a designated room of toys for G - but for some reason I'm balking a little on it. Like I need someone to tell me - that's a GREAT idea. ha. Decisions, Decisions.

5.In the words of my favorite blogger -I really and truly want to take the time to "Enjoy the Small things" - MY TOP PRIORITY. Too much time is spent worrying, over-thinking, stressing, about...what?? I'm going to enjoy my family and friends to the fullest. That is a true Resolution I'm sticking with.

In OTHER NEWS - we made some big purchases while I was on break.

1. My New Laptop - I knew it was going to die, it was ready. The day I got back from CT -the screen wouldn't stand on it's own at all. Pathetic. And no, I couldn't splurge on the Mac, even though Dan said I could.


I've been looking at Umbrella Strollers for awhile. I honestly didn't want a Maclaren. AT ALL. But, when we went to test the strollers out...DAN actually picked this one! {if you know Dan and you know the price tag on this stroller -you can pick your jaw up off the ground} HE was the one pushing to get the stroller. OMG. He is such a sucker when it comes to that kid. I'm not lying when he said "it looks comfy for him"

We also booked a trip to Gatlinburg during Presidents Day weekend in Feb! It'll be our first family trip together.

We knew we wanted to take a family trip and decided on Gatlinburg for a couple reasons.
1. It's only 5 hours away. A great 3 day weekend trip

2. There are TONS of things for us to do. We think G would LOVE hiking with us and there are tons of trails we could take him on. Being in Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains...the weather will be slightly warmer in Feb. If the weather is bad we have lots of options - stay in the cabin, shop (there are TONS of places to shop)

3. It'll be good practice for our trip we would like to take to Salt Lake in the summer!

In preparation for our trip {and trips to come} We purchased the backpack carrier below. Dan thought he wanted a framed carrier, but we both realized that if we want to travel {especially by airplane} we need things to be compact and the framed carriers were just waayyyy to big to carry around easily. We loved that it works as a child carrier AND backpack to store diapers, bottles, food, ect. We're pretty excited to try it out!

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