Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oops. We did NOT do it again

So. We're not pregnant.

Let me back up.

New Years Eve, Dan and I had an "oops" moment. The next morning we realized what had happened and new the timing was spot on. I also knew I had to wait aprox 1.5 weeks to find out if, in fact, we were pregnant.

Fast forward a week. I start testing. I get a FAINT blue line. Mind you, we aren't trying. I had a million questions going through my head.
How are we going to afford daycare for 2 babies? Were we being unfair to Grayson by having a baby so quickly right behind him? and most importantly - another summer being pregnant? whaattt??

I know a lot of people worry and fret over 2 under 2, but that really doesn't bother me at all. I think kids that are close in age, have very close relationships. My mom had 5 kids in 8 years....enough said. My brother, sisters and I are very close. I want my kids to have the same.

So, after we got the faint blue line. I ended up testing negative a couple days later..and then getting my period. (exactly 14 days after our "oops moment")

You know what happened? It was a little bit of a let down. I mean, we were completely unprepared for something like that, but the second we thought it was real, we were really excited about it. Babies are so infectious. It's like instant happiness just looking at them. I was sad for a little. Like I lost something I never had. We both got prematurely excited, and now Dan keeps telling me that he's ready for number 2. (I think I need to remind him of my hormones during pg 1)

Either way, we'll be waiting to have number 2 until G turns 1. I want my year with him. I also want to wear summer clothes:)

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  1. omg! This got me so excited! How crazy that would have been.. Being pregnant all over again at the same time as last time! They will be 1 before you know it :( ... so get that baby cooking haha