Sunday, January 16, 2011

A lovely weekend.
Went too quick, as always.
Lucky me - I have tomorrow off
Unlucky me -I have to run a bazillion errands.

We hit up the outlet mall this weekend in hopes to find some deals on sneakers for *yours truly*.
Saturday morning we get up (after a really long night with G. I got up 3 times with him, and Dan twice) do our morning routine, and I start getting ready for the day. So, Dan got Grayson dressed.

Please note his face. It's a "help me mommy, I don't match at all" face. Really, it is.

Looks perfectly cute here, right?

I'll enlighten you on the color scheme here since my camera didn't quite catch the beauty of it all. Bright blue hoody, Black and cream plaid shirt. Navy blue and gray pants. The plaid shirt killed me. Of course, I let him walk out the door like that because that's how I roll.

At the outlets- No Sneakers to be found for me. I'm super picky and really only want one of two shoes. My Nikes (which I LOVE) or the Vibram Barefoot. I went to the Nike outlet with high hopes my sneakers would be there, in my size, on sale. They weren't there. Grr.

In light of such sadness, I bought Grayson some super cute winter hats for hiking in Gatlinburg....
I love my hat, Momma!

"Dad, how am I supposed to shove my fist in my mouth with those things on??!!"


"I LOVE my MOMMA!" (What? He does:)

After outlet shopping we headed on to John and Laura's for the Football game and movie watching. It was really nice to sit back with a glass of wine and relax. Our weekends are always packed, so winding down with friends is always the perfect Saturday dessert.

Sunday..more football watching - at Christina, Brian, and Zach's (G's Bestie, remember!??)
A couple pics of the dudes playing...

Um, does anyone notice Zach is palming the wiffle ball? ha.

"Yo Zach, I'm just gonna eat your book - OK?"

I love it. They are so funny to watch. They really don't pay attention to each other unless you stick them right in front of each other's faces.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. ommgggggg....HIS TEETHIESSSSS....I almost just cried..he's getting so big :(

  2. He is soooo cute! I love his hat!! And I do love the music!