Sunday, January 30, 2011


How do the weekends go by so quick? I swear it was Friday 5 minutes ago.

Because you want to know all about my weekend, I'll fill you in:)

Friday night we went to Olive Garden with Dan's parents and headed home for a movie. I heart Movie nights.

Saturday we ran around Cincinnati running errands. (pretty much how every Sat is) We came home in time for me to make THESE
They were sooo deliciously good. LIKE SUPER DELISH. and fat free....{i kid}
After delicious cookie baking, Dan's parents came over to our place to babysit the little man, while we did some Birthday partying for our friend Laura.

Sunday we ran some more errands and gave G his six month birthday gift. No, we didn't specifically get him a gift for his 6 month birthday. It just happened to be a toy we bought! We don't buy him too many toys since he tends to play with the same two or three things.

We decided to go out and buy him some sort of "standing" toy since he LOVES to stand.
The toy below is a sit - to - stand toy(and has wheels to use as a walker eventually). We removed the wheels on the bottom since he's most definitely not ready to walk, but he's had a ball with it just standing there and looking around. He actually let go a couple times "thinking" he could "stand" It was soo funny.

We were watching the X games on T.V - not sure where this face came from, but I think it's my favorite one yet!

The Delicious Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies...Yes, that would be a Chocolate Chip Cookie WITH an Oreo inside it. YUMMEH

Along with buying the wonderful toy. and baking those delish cookies. We bought a baby food processor to make G's food homemade.

We had looked into what product/products we wanted..and finally settled on a simple Cuisinart Food Processor. I love it. It was about $35, I had a 20% off BBB coupon, AND a $20 BBB gift card. So, it was pretty much nothing. We looked into a couple BabyFood Makers, ones that steam and puree the food for you, and finally decided that we wouldn't use it enough for the amount of money it would cost.
The great thing about the Food Processor is that I can use it all the time, even when I'm done pureeing baby foods. SCORE!

I've already made and frozen carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, and avocadoes (well, the avacodoes I didn't need the processor for..but still used it to really puree the food) for about 2 weeks! I would've done more, but didn't buy enough food. Next week I'll take more time and do maybe a month's worth of food.

Behold, the Cuisinart

To store the food, I bought these lovely Green Sprouts Freezer Cubes. They are 2 oz cubes, so perfect for a Fruit/Veggie Serving, whether I want to do 1 oz or 2. All I had to do was steam the veggies, puree them, and throw them in these little cubes and off into the freezer. Every night I will remove one fruit and one veggie cube and place it in the fridge to thaw for the next days' use!
(As time goes on, I will up the amount of cubes to 3 a day, ect). I love how easy these guys are to use, and the are VERY economical - $10 for the set shown below! Oh, and they come with labels too. LOVE!

Even though it's G's 6month birthday today...I'm going to wait until tomorrow to do his 6month post. He has his 6month well baby check tomorrow - might as well wait so we have his official stats!

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