Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grandma is coming to town

So I usually don't post on Saturdays UNLESS I'm getting my oil changed. I have my coffee and my laptop and SILENCE. For those of you with a toddler, you totally get how this is a nice peaceful atmosphere.

Anyway, I have a couple updates:

1. Grandma is coming to town! My mom is visiting us next weekend and we are in full blown "getting the house ready" Yes mom, we'll clean for you:) It's actually giving us the perfect excuse to finally start cleaning out the guest room. We are going to be housing my SIL, BIL and Nephew next month and want the office cleaned out nicely by then so that Felix has his own space! I mean, he'd have his own space now, but we really need the excuse to get it cleaned!

2. Hand, Foot and Mouth. Grayson and Dan got it. I did not. In the realm of "sucky sicknesses" this was probably the suckies. LIKE, I almost would've rather him be at the hospital for croup. Not that I wanted him to have all the breathing issues, but there is nothing that they can actually give a toddler for Hand, Foot and Mouth and Grayson was NOT a happy camper. Basically if he was awake, he was screaming/moaning/whining in pain. We had a very difficult last weekend. Thankfully he's back to his normal happy self. (Dan ended up getting sick Tuesday and Wednesday with the same thing!)

3. This is kind of random but I thought it was worth mentioning - Grayson goes up and down the stairs with such ease that we rarely use the gate anymore. I think Dan's mom was a little shocked, but to be quite honest, Grayson wants to do what the big people we let him. He just holds on to the railing and goes down the stairs. No sitting on his butt or belly, even though we tried to get him to do that a couple months ago. For the first couple of weeks we were always behind him or watching, we'll go downstairs and he'll just follow us. We usually keep the gate locked when we're downstairs anyway just so he's contained.

4. Dan is leaving for CO on Monday and will come back Friday, just in time to pick my mom up at the airport. They are both flying into Cincinnati only a couple hours apart - works out perfect! I totally wish we could've gone with Dan...I've always wanted to go to CO. Maybe next time.

5. Weight update for G - when I brought G to the doc for Hand, Foot and Mouth he had already gained 1/2 a pound! Granted, he most likely lost it since he didn't eat for almost 3 straight days...but he is totally back on board now that he's feeling better and doing really well. We are sooo happy that we found a solution to get him to sit and eat! My goal for him is that he gains about 2lbs by his 2 year check-up.

6. Grayson attended his first fire pit cookout. We've had to cancel plans a lot lately because of all the sickness going around and got to FINALLY catch up with John and Laura. We weren't sure how G would do with the pit, but are always willing to give things a chance. He actually did really great - we reminded him that it was HOT...I think having Scout there really helped take the focus off the fire for G.
We have another play date tonight with G's friend Dylan - they will be making homemade pizza's! So fun.

Nom Nom Nom

Playing with Scout - we were dying because Grayson would take one end of the stick and play "tug-of-war" and Scout would totally win and get G frustrated. 

Happy Weekend-ing!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend and Randoms

So I think it's safe to say we are all FINALLY over our sickness(s). Unfortunately, I was the last to feel better...and that didn't happen until almost Monday morning. 

Enough about that, though. 

This weekend we spent a good amount of time outdoors. 
Saturday we headed to the park for an hour or so, and then on to the church egg hunt. Grayson totally didn't "get" the whole egg hunt thing, but did end up grabbing a couple eggs to put in his basket. He is most definitely a well trained athlete - he kept throwing the eggs because he thought they were "balls". LOL! We were dying. 

Easter Sunday was very relaxing. We went to church, came home and played with Easter toys (play-doh, bubbles, baseball and mitt) and then took a trip to Grandma and Pepere's for dinner.....we headed home around 3:30 to let G nap for a couple hours and read/relax ourselves. 

Now for a little bit of Random: 

Dan and I made a WONDERFUL discovery last week. We decided that even though it's a "questionable" practice, it's totally worth it to get our kid to eat. 

See image below - the only way Grayson will eat a meal. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, this child will finally eat if we put the freaking IPAD on the table with an episode of Elmo. He has eaten EVERY meal we have served him since starting this practice.

Everyone asks us if Grayson is a picky eater:  Grayson actually eats really healthy food!  It's getting him to focus on eating in the first place that is the difficulty/challenge. He does NOT want to sit still to eat. 

I'm not kidding you, if this is all we use the iPad for, it was well worth the $

Grayson has also decided that baseball hats are super cool and must be worn at all times. Like, he won't go to daycare without bringing his "haattt".  I'm pretty sure there isn't anything cuter then a toddler wearing a baseball hat. Just sayin'


Hope everyone had a great Easter! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sniffle sniffle

So last week didn't go anywhere near how I expected it would...

Grayson woke up Thursday morning with a high fever again and ended up coughing/vomiting up green mucus. The doctor had me bring him in because of the green mucus to make sure there wasn't an infection. It was also kind of perfect timing since we needed to check his weight anyway. At G's 18 month well baby, they told me to come in every couple months to check his weight/growth if I wanted to.

All checked out fine. The doctor was impressed that G could rock a high fever and function they way he normal. I tried SO hard to keep him indoors doing quiet activities, but it's really hard when all he screams is OUTSIDE.

We got G's weight and height checked: 23.5oz,(10%) and 34.5in (95%). So the good part is...he's growing!. The doctor said they'd be concerned if he wasn't growing taller...but since he is having growth spurts(maybe not in the area we'd hope) he's ok. Obviously, we're going to continue feeding him everything we can, but at this point, we're resigned to our tall, skinny, beanstalk. We've also decided to up his pediasure intake to 2 a day again in hopes to put some lb's on. We're not looking for huge weight gain here, 1 lb would make us happy!

So long story short, Grayson held a fever ( a high one) until Saturday afternoon when during his nap it FINALLY broke. He took an almost 2 hour nap and woke up sticky and sweaty. YEY!  Unfortunately, we still all slept on the couch as a family Saturday night because of his cough and refusing to sleep. Last night was pure bliss to finally sleep in our bed after almost a full week of Dan and I rotating couch duty with Grayson. I seriously don't want to watch 101 dalmatians ever.again. Kidding. A little.

And now both Dan and I are sick. Figures! I actually think I would've been fine if Dan didn't get it. I was with G the longest and was fine until yesterday...Dan started coming down with it Saturday. I blame him :)

Because Grayson was sick and hardly slept in his crib, we haven't converted him to the toddler bed. When he climbs out, we just let him play for a little and then go back and put him in the crib. We will most likely transition him this weekend if we're up to it. but at this point, both Dan and I are too tired to even think about it.

Even though the week was a little rough, Dan and I were able to give each other parenting "breaks" this weekend. I met up with my two girlfriends for brunch and a movie Sat, and then Dan hung out at John and Lar's to watch the final four. After being stuck in the house with a sick toddler for that long, it was nice for each of us to get a reprieve.

This weekend should hopefully be better for our family. We have an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, Dan will hopefully get to go golfing for the first time this season (he missed the past couple Monday sessions between travel and now being sick) and we can enjoy family time on Sunday!