Saturday, August 27, 2011

This and That

I'm sitting at Toyota waiting for my cars' oil change to be completed. Funny how something I hated doing is currently a source of relaxation. Sipping a Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee, my laptop, and a magazine. This is the life :P.

Let's be honest. I'm a little bored out of my mind. I don't like having "nothing to do", yet I'm trying to relish in the "peacefulness" of it all. I miss my little dude and hope he's super excited to see me when I get back.


We experienced another "NEW" - We were at the In-Laws last night, and Grayson, the monkey, climbed on the kitchen table chair, and then climbed up onto the KITCHEN TABLE...where he stood proudly. Smiling. 
I think the words "Oh boy" were echoed throughout the room. 


Today we're running some errands  - I'm finally going to decide what I'm wearing to the wedding we're attending this weekend in CT. G needs some more Fall clothes and I have a bunch of coupons that I may be able to put to good use. AND we are having Mexican night with Chris & Lisa..I'm attempting to make Fried Ice Cream - wish me luck!


While the east is taking a beating this weekend, we're enjoying beautiful weather here in the midwest. A trip to the park will most likely happen. 


Some great changes have happened this week, and I'm sure to have a full post about everything NEXT week.


And just because

Dan's face is HI-larious

Happy Weekending!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I often talk about my sisters but rarely mention my bro in conversation. I guess since sisters usually have a tight bond, and brothers do this "I hide from Communication" thing, it's easy to let brother boy slip into the background. 

My brother served in Afghanistan for a year and was sent back home right before Mother's Day last year. It was so nice to see him...and I guess that was all we would see of him for awhile. 

It took my brother almost a year to actually make a solid trip back home to CT, almost a year to finally meet his nephew, and almost a year for him to talk to his sisters about what had happened during his deployment. 

Since this past Memorial Day, I've been able to talk to my brother like I used to - about once a week (which is great for a brother!) He tells us where he is (he travels often) and what he's up to (kind of)

About an hour ago, I recieved a message - and I really can't stop crying, because it's a TRUE testament of who my brother is, and who I had missed during the year when he didn't want to talk to anyone. 

My brother signed the school loans for my little sister to go to grad school. Neither of my parents could (let me re-phrase. ONE of them could, but said it wasn't their "responsibilty" that would be WOULDN'T) and he stepped up and really did something wonderful for her. 

Proud Big Sister right here. I'm done bragging. 

Monday, August 22, 2011


Umm, so I HAVE to laugh a little while I write this. My child, legit, takes after his mother. 
When Grayson was a baby, to get things done, I started using my feet to pick up the house. Being a cheerleader, I have pretty good balance on one leg. So I'd hold him, pick something up with my foot, and you get the picture. 

I have mad foot skillz people. 

Wouldn't you know, Dan and I were watching Grayson play the other day and he was TRYING TO PICK SOMETHING UP WITH HIS FOOT. Dan pretty much just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Talent. right. there. 

Ha. Ok, so besides the whole pickingsomethingupwithfoot thing...Grayson has been obsessed  with putting shoes on. He wants to put shoes on himself, shoes on you, shoes, shoes, shoes. He gets VERY upset when his shoes "don't get on his feet". So we've been practicing with him how to get his sandals on. It's kind of working. 


 We ventured to another park this weekend, definitely not as "baby friendly". Heck, I almost broke my neck on one of their "outdoor toys" It was still fun - and having an ice cream shoppe across the street doesn't hurt. 

 Dan and I got to attend Laura and John's annual Karaokefest Saturday! While it was fun, we are VERY glad we left when we did - Grayson decided to start his day at 5:30am the next morning! He hasn't done that in a couple months. Just goes to show - you never know with kids. O, and I made some SUPER delish Pudding Shots..that were slightly bigger then shots since I made them in cupcake tins =)

And for a couple pictures "just because"

This is what I came home to today. I mean really, can it get ANY cuter?? 

Climbing his slide this weekend

Ladies at Karaokefest

Ahhhh, Happy almost Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I scream, you scream

Temper Tantrums

Dan and I actually find them kind of funny. Grayson is pretty pathetic about it, too. He does the "fake scream/cry" and then immediately stops when something else grabs his attention. He also will, if very tired, throw himself on the ground and proceed to scream laying down. You know, like a real man. 

Luckily he doesn't throw tantrums often - I was just reminded about them today, and thought I should update about it for documenting purposes. 



He's been doing a lot of it. He's cut 3 more teeth in the past month and is in the process of cutting a molar. A couple months ago, probably when he was around 7 months, we realized G was teething on his crib. I never purchased any "crib guards"  - both Dan and I knew that once we had kids, our furniture would be destroyed whether we liked it or not - including his own crib. 

We actually think it'll be kind of funny to show him when he gets older- this was the newest damage from the weekend....

o yea, and just a little while ago, G got his leg stuck in his crib trying to climb out. Apparently the bumpers are useless at this point. 



Dan had "music class" with G this afternoon. 

"I love playing music with my feet!"

And that's it for the random update!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Warriors

It's been a couple weeks since I blogged - but don't you worry - you'll be all caught up by the end of this post.

My family came into town last weekend to visit AND celebrate my dad's 50th birthday. Can we not mention the fact that I had no clue his 50th was this year and was planning something for NEXT YEAR. OY. Dad wanted something laid back, so we just hung out and BBQ'd. That way, he was able to enjoy more time with Grayson.

I had so so so so so SO much fun with two of my sisters Rachael and Holly. It was so nice to catch up with them and really get some quality time in. Grayson was definitely spoiled over the weekend since the sisters and Gramps showered him with toys and love.

After all our visitors had left, it was back to normal life for us - I celebrated my 3 year anniversary at work - yey..and Grayson started teething his molars..not so yey.

Dan and I have come to realize that teething is different for every tooth. No joke. Sometimes we have no clue he's cutting a tooth, and others it's very very obvious. This past Thursday we KNEW that he was teething and honestly weren't sure if something else wasn't up - thought possible ear infection since his nose was leaking and he had a low grade fever. Pediatrician confirmed the teething (uhh.duhh...)  but no Ear Infection, just a serious cold.

I will not go into the ridiculousness that was our Thursday night - quite possibly the worst G's been. Ever. Luckily I don't mind not sleeping..Dan on the other hand gets a little crank when he's not had enough Z's.  When I got home from work Friday, I definitely had two cranky boys on my hands.

Since Dan was so exhausted, I dealt with the little nugget Friday night, and he ended up being much better - I slept with him Camp-out style on the living room floor, so my back was thanking me Saturday..but it was all worth it to finally see my child sleep. 

Our weekend ended up being really wonderful  

We woke up and played around the house a bit...I ended up making some homemade Paints for Grayson and I to play with:

 Totally Edible and SO much fun!

We then took a trip to the park  - the weather was seriously FABULOUS! It was in the 80's!

 I'm freeeeeee!!!

 Umm. Dad, what is that smell??

 Yes, this is how your supposed to use the slide

 The Park - and yes, there were actually a couple other, they didn't make it into the pic!

Grayson's light Saber...I mean...Bubbles

 Jumping in puddles is so much fun!!!!

 Grayson met a friend, a 15 month old Bryce

Sunday we decided to stay low key - so we parked it up again

 Kid loves to swing


When we got back home I was going to take G outside to play with some of his toys, but it ended up I made sugar cookies and had him help. Don't worry, Dan was with him the whole time and washed his hand IMMEDIATELY after he "rolled his cookies" 

So that was it - our weekend. 
Hope everyone else had a fun one too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Big ONE

We made it! 1 year. So amazing..

This post is really just a picture dump of G's Birthday weekend. We had such a wonderful time with our family and friends and couldn't have asked for a better bunch to celebrate such a momentous occasion. I'm sad some of my own family members couldn't be there, but know that some of them are actually coming out THIS weekend for a second round of birthday fun!

I took off last friday from work to spend the day with G, run errands, and just hang out. Since we've never gotten to visit Pepere (Dan's Dad) at work..we decided to stop on by. Side note: Recently Grayson has started to cling (hang on my leg) when I'm home. He's much worse with me then Dan. 

Anyway, we get to Pepere's work and while walking around, G runs to my side(leg) and kind of hides behind when a stranger approaches. Cute. 
The picture below is of G on Pepere's Chair!

Cool Stuff. So Saturday morning arrives, and we have on our hands a super grump. This was the best smile I could get out of him at first...

after playing in his playroom a bit, he perked up :)

It's my birthday, yo!

Al and Michelle had gotten to the parents house late friday night, so we hadn't seen them yet. We stuck G in the car, let him nap for an hour while we ran some super last minute errands (picking up helium tank, ect) and got to the parents house completely refreshed and wide eyed. 

Al and Michelle were too excited to wait until G's party to give him his present:

G's own Super-hero Seat that Uncle Al and Aunt Meesh made him!! So so sooo thoughtful. LOVE

After spending a couple hours with Al and Michelle, Dan and I took our little guy home for his second nap, and to set up for the party.

Cupcakes and Cake made by my co-worker, Smash

We all got yet another wonderful surprise when G's Uncle Scott, Dan's older brother showed up to the party! He flew in all the way from CT last minute to spend G's birthday with him. SO AWESOME! Uncle Scott couldn't bring Aunt Dani and cousin Felix, but he DID bring this super cool Birthday trike!

(picture taken the next morning)

Of course we opened presents...

and then did cake...G was not very impressive with his "smashing" skills. He kind of just stared at the Poor Aunt Meesh has a 3 minute video of G just looking at the cupcake.

Ok, I guess I'll eat it..

My family

Aunt Meesh and Me!

Sunday morning after G's morning nap, we once again headed over to the parents to visit and go to the mall. 

Hanging out and playing

Uncle Al PLEASE give me that chip

Die with love. 

I hardly get to see family, and it was soo wondeful to catch up with Michelle, Alan, and Scott. We really got to spend some quality time together and I soo enjoyed it. Of course after any kind of visit like this, I'm a little sad that G doesn't get to spend every weekend with his aunts and uncles. On a good note, we'll be back in CT for Labor Day that will be fun!