About Me

About Me? I have an awesome, loving husband and a charming, beautiful, inquisitive baby boy. They are my life. Cliche? It's true. 

About Dan: They say opposites attract, and I'd have to say - personality wise, this couldn't be truer. It's what makes our life fun and exciting. I love to yell and he loves to sit back and just let me go. He's beyond supportive, and knows better then to say "no" to me. He knows I have to work through what I'm feeling, wanting, needing. He knows I'll eventually come to the right answer. I love him for that. For letting me be me. I hope I let him be him. I'm pretty sure I do. I mean, I still let him dress himself...that's gotta say something:P

About our fam: We're excited to show our little dude the world. To see his eyes light up at every new experience. Life is way more cool when you have someone to share it with - who's never seen it! 

This blog was created during my pregnancy to document my "belly" growth and the experiences I went through while carrying my babe. I realize that it's become therapeutic. I've become a little addicted to the "blog". I think it's because I've already had the pleasure of looking back at my first posts and smiling as I remember my state of mind/emotions during those very first posts. It reminds me of where I've been, where I'm going, and where I want to go. So that's me. But there are others who help make up "me" and who help support "me"

My lovely sisters. They are my heart. I would do anything for them, and, well....they knit me really cool stuff, buy my baby really cool stuff, and sing Rhianna songs in the car with me. Who wouldn't want that?  In all honesty, I {obviously} love my little sisters to death. I miss just hanging out and watching movies with them. I miss watching the nightly movie with my sister Heather before bed. I miss hearing Rachael play the piano. I miss Holly singing Karaoke in the living room. And I miss all my sisters dancing in the living room. {to none other then, Highschool Musical} As much as I miss them, it makes the time I do get to see them that much better.

My sister in laws - boy am I lucky to have "lucked" out in the SIL department! I've become very close with both of them, and consider them my sisters. no in-laws here. I'm sometimes sad that I'm missing out on big moments in THEIR lives, but know that we play "catch-up" pretty quickly when we're all together. Email/Facebook/blogging has made it easier to feel more a part of their lives.

My Girls - I've learned a lot since I've been out here in Ohio. The top lesson- your friends can truly be an extension of your family. There have been many times that Homesickness will kick in, and I quickly remind myself there's nothing to be "homesick" about. My home is here. And my family is here.

The best
Sarah is one of my oldest friends, and if there was ever a question whether a friendship can outlast any growing pains - it's this one. I'm proud of us, for whethering some really difficult storms - together and apart. She was there for me in some of my darkest days...and I hope that I've been there for her during hers. 

ALL of these people make up who I am. They've helped mold me into who I am. They challenge me. They make me smile, cry, laugh, roll my eyes. They are my family. 

(p.s -most of these women have awesome husbands/boyfriends/brothers (my own) who are part of my life - mostly just hilarious people who watch all of us ladies go crazy when we're together. A high five for all you dudes)