Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trains and Sweaters!

Ah! Christmas is in a couple days! 

I'm going to do a quick re-cap of the weekend.

I mentioned last post that we were heading to EnterTRAINment Junction with some friends. Well, Grayson really loved it - he kept saying "Wow, Wow, Wow" watching the trains go by. it was the cutest. For REALS. 


Look at his face...ugh, love.


Again, look at that face! Totally into the trains!


Love this pic of the boys!

Later Saturday evening we headed over to John and Laura's for the Ugly Sweater party which turned out awesome! Grayson and Zach had a ton of fun chasing each other, playing in the dog cage (for real, they were kind of obsessed), and just roaming the house. Since Grayson had a great nap, we let him stay up past his bedtime and left around 9.

The next day was dedicated to some serious cookie baking. I kind of wanted to die. Ugh, I have a love/hate relationship with baking cookies. Especially sugar's the icing. SO ANNOYING.

Anyway, we are mostly ready for Christmas! Dan is working a late shift today and I hear Grayson stirring in his little crib about to get up from his nap.

Here's one last shot of my little wild child. (please note we've removed the piano bench from the piano because he was climbing onto it, and then onto the piano. This kid never stops! Apparently, he WILL find a way to climb)


So excited for all the visitors we'll be getting this week and next! Let the fun begin!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The two G's


This is by far one of my top most favorite photos of all time. My little baby boy with my brother - the two G's - Gabe and Grayson. The G-Man and G-baby

Saturday, my brother will begin his second deployment to Afghanistan. This was a very sudden move that was announced just days ago - so it's a little shocking to us. I'm so sad that I don't get to see him before he goes, but, it looks like his visit will *only*  be for a couple months. Obviously, that doesn't make it easier.  So let's hope/pray/meditate/ for a safe visit and quick return back home. 

I'd be mushier but I think my brother would roll his eyes a bit. So on to happier things. 

Tonight/Tomorrow begins some crazy. 

Even though I don't actually work tomorrow, I'm stopping in for lunch (yey!) and to give my Secret Santa her gift. I'm also going to attempt to start baking some cookies for Christmas...this all really depends on how G naps during the day. If he naps - I bake cookies. If not, NO COOKIES. I also have some last minute odds/ends christmas stuff to pick up..which will most likely be delayed until Sunday since it's pretty much impossible to run errands with a 16 month old. He's so movey. (yep, made up a word) Movey = moves a lot and doesn't want to all.especially in a store.

Saturday morning we're meeting up with some church friends and their little boy, Dylan, who is 2  - at EnterTRAINment Junction. I am SO excited for this little date. I'm sure to have tons of pics from their little adventure. Afterwards we are hoping G will take a good nap and be totally refreshed to attend John and Laura's annual Ugly Sweater Party! Oh MY...I cannot wait to see everyone's sweaters - especially all the KIDS sweaters. There are going to be a LOT of kids this year. (p.s john and laura - I stalked the evite and you guys are going to have a FULL house:) This is such a fun event every year and there are definitely some peeps who get really really creative. 

Sunday = baking until I can't bake anymore. REALLY. Cookies need to be made.

This week we will patiently wait to see Aunt Dani, Uncle Scott and Cousin Felix who are coming sometime, maybe around Thursday. Then Aunt Heda, Aunt Holly and Stephen will be coming sometime AFTER Christmas. 

A quick recap of this past weekend..

We went to Dan's work party and got to hang out with Lisa and Chris. You know, some of our favorites. 




I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fancy Dinners


This Saturday, our friend Elizabeth hosted an all girls "Fancy Dinner" night. There were 13  of us ladies dressed up for a night of dinner without the men. I still can't believe how quickly the night went by. We got some great news from a good friend, ate, drank and relaxed. 

The boys were at my house with Dan and Grayson. I heard they had a good time:)

Elizabeth completely outdid herself - Her house looked absolutely stunning. The dinner table was set perfectly, and the christmas music set the ambiance for a wonderful evening. We even got pashmina's as a party favor!  

I think we all agreed we could do it again in the near future.

you know, just a couple drinking glasses....

The two ladies in the middle are both 16 weeks pregnant, due with their second children on the SAME DATE in May! 


The hostess with the mostess at the head of the table in pink!

G is napping and Dan is reading/watching football - I'd say it's a perfect ending to a great weekend! I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of December!