Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Four Month Baby

4 months old and smiling up a storm!

Umm, Helloooo - where did these 4 months go? I cannot believe that my little {monster} baby is already 4 months old. Before I forget, I'm gonna list the things he can do (or can't since there are a bunch of those too)

Weight: 14lbs 12oz -55th percentile
Length: 25 3/4 inches - 85th percentile

Hair color - looks to be a really light brown or dirty blonde possibly.
Eye color-still undecided. I think they're gonna be brown

*Found his feet shortly after his 3month bday
*Sleep is pretty good, we have weeks where he'll wake up a couple times to eat - but he diligently goes right back to sleep afterwards.

*He wears 3-6 month clothes in almost everything.
*He still wears a size 2 diaper
*He loves his jumperoo
*He's started to sit up in his rock and play bassinet and baby Swing. This is really bittersweet to me.

*He grabs at toys...and now puts them in his mouth
*He loves grabbing Dan's face. Facial hair = happy baby
*Drools, drools, drools
*Loves to stand
*We've heard him laugh!
*Just this week he's started to spit for fun. Kind of like blowing bubbles, except spit

Still doesn't:
Like Tummy Time
Roll Over

This month we've:
Gone out to dinner as a family
Had Thanksgiving Dinner
Had the Annual Friendsgiving Dinner
Sat on Santa's Lap
Decorated the Christmas Tree

More pics below

Lookie - Grayson can grab his feet AND his toy at the same time..so talented

Listen Mammarazzi, you take one more picture and I'll really spit up all over my playmat.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Ahhh. The family pic. Ha. I have no clue who or what Grayson is looking at, but he certainly isn't looking at the camera. That's fine. He'll hear it from me when he gets older.

The Thanksgiving weekend was sooo nice. Lots of relaxing, shopping, and family/friend fun. I LOOOVE this time of the year - and even though Gray is still really little and doesn't even know what's going on, I want to him experience every ridiculous Christmasy thing. I mean EVERY ridiculous thing (hellloooo Mall Santa!)

There are about 6 posts worth of material in my camera. So, to save you from me blabbing - I'm going to post for the next couple of days.

Here are some pics from the Turkey Weekend.

Christina and I - and Creepy Alan in the background??

Elizabeth and Laura

The Bouchard "Sisters"


My boys..LOVE.

After such a nice weekend, we are rebounding quite well - no sad tears on my end, my family is here. My WHOLE family:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, I have a St. Bernard for a child.

Oh look, it's Grayson. I mean, really. The child is a drooling mess with his FIST shoved in his mouth. Or any other "thing" that is in grabbing distance that can be shoved in the mouth.

We had a 4 month photo session for Grayson (done early so we could get some Christmas Card pics) and it went..well, let's just say that we went through two burp clothes of drool and spit up while we were there. He refused to remove his little fist from his mouth. And if you did get him to remove the fist, he would just try to use the blanket he was sitting on as knawing material.

(See picture below - that is a small not even close to example of what he was doing today, today he had is fist IN his mouth)

Now, Grayson is a drooler anyways. But on top of that - he's had some days where I think he forgets he can swallow. that bad. I saw it coming yesterday. If I had my hand even close to his mouth, he'd chomp down. Poor little dude.

Needless to say, he was pretty much a drooly mess, with his fist in his mouth who refused to smile. I think the photog may have gotten a couple smirks. BOYS.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Happenings

Dear Holly - I'm making a special trip to the grocery story for this box of goodness. For you. Sisterly love right there.

So, in a couple days my two sisters will be making the 12hour trek out to Ohio. The excitement is contagious. Look below to see how excited Grayson looks.... I kid. In preparation for the visit, we've done nothing. Oh wait, we'll be stocking up on some of the aforementioned Reese's cereal {snack, dessert}

In other news -Grayson still hasn't learned how to roll himself over. little poop. I try to "show" him {stop laughing} and he just looks at me like "ma, just lemme chill out here on my back, k?" He ACTUALLY said that to me! Ha. no, he didn't. But I saw it in his eyes. Those huge, buggy, deer-in-headlights eyes told me that he was just not ready to be a roller. So, I just put him in his jumpy and let him jump away. At least he likes THAT!

Below here is Dan dressing Grayson. Mind you, it was a mere 45 degrees out this day. Clearly a short sleeved onesie is in order for such days?? I mean, I guess if we weren't leaving the house, this would've been appropriate attire.

Backing up: I ignore non matching clothes when it comes to Dan, he's color blind and I can't always be there when he dresses himself OR our child - so clothes that don't match are going to be common in our household. Just the other day I caught Dan wearing ( kid you not)Dark Brown Pants, Black Polo T-shirt over a Gray Long Sleeve Shirt. When I mentioned this catastrophe to him...his answer? "What, these pants are green".....Yea, that's what I deal with.

Playing in his Jumpy! This is one of his favorites. Except Jumping baby + Acid Reflux Baby = very messy jumperoo. He pretty much spits up {pukes up} every time in the jumpy. I thank Fischer Price for making everything they make so washable friendly.
Just some happenings to update you with. I'll try to post more pictures for those without FB {insert Rachael Chiulli} Happy Getting Ready for turkey day!