Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moon River

A little Nostalgia:
Rach and I
I believe this pic was taken the first winter Dan and I moved out here to Ohio. I had this pic taped to the inside of my civic until the day it died. It's just one of those pictures that makes me smile.

I've been feeling a little MEH these past couple weeks. I have the "Januaries" which I'm sure will turn into the "Februaries"...

I got my nails painted in a most obnoxious light pink sparkly color to help my mood. and it did. For every time I look at them I'm reminded of spring and happy things.

I keep over-analyzing every little thing...and I'm not supposed to do that -remember??? I'm not supposed to "sweat the small stuff", I'm supposed to "Enjoy the Small things"
AM I already failing at my New Years Reso?


Too keep the "Januaries" away. I've enlisted myself (and maybe even Dan) into some movie watching. I'm a SUPER, DUPER, FREAKISH fan of musicals and old movies.

I've seen Funny Face more times then I'd ever like to admit. The combination of my sweet Audrey Hepburn and the most amazing dancer/singer EVAH, Fred Astaire makes me want to pop the picture in the DVD player over. and over. and over. It's S'wonderfully S'Marvelous.

Clearly, Funny Face is on the list. Prob number 1.
Top Hat will be my number 2. I seriously cannot get enough of dancing Fred Astaire. I'll throw in a Gene Kelly/Frank Sinatra number since Dan has actually requested watching one lately.
It's kind of funny to see Frankie try to keep up with Gene Kelly's dancing. cute even. He's slightly slower, flings his arms a little too much, and wayy more out of breath after each number.

In the end, Breakfast at Tiffany's will be served. Moon River. My favorite. Ever.

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