Monday, February 7, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Twins I tell ya!

Ok. maybe not twins...BUT, Grayson does carry a resemblence to his dad! We really couldn't tell who he looked like. At first, it seemed like we were getting more "he looks like his mom"...but as he's gotten older, it seems like he's really just a good mix of the both of us.

There was always one thing we would laugh about - "Where did he get those cheeks!"
Apparently, he got them from his dad!

The picture below was taken the day they were both born.

Grayson Dan


Grayson Dan
Sleepy time

Dan Grayson
And now we know where the shocked eyes come from

He definitely doesn't look exactly like him, but in these pics you can tell G gets his expressions from him. So cute.

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