Monday, July 25, 2011

So Close

So someone's 1st Birthday this Saturday- CRAZY! 

Quick weekend update: 

It obviously flew by- we had a bunch of errands to run for G's birthday party this weekend and made a couple trips to the pool. Last week, G received his first birthday gift from his grandma Pacelli! 

We had to laugh when he dunked his head in the water below!

 I bought Dan golf clubs for our anniversary - which meant that it was just G and I Saturday morning. Love. Just us, hanging out together. 

This child will find anything to stand on. yes. That is my laptop.

The kid cracks me up. 

You may have noticed that I stopped by blog challenge. The goal was to blog everyday for the month of july - but I realized that I was over-doing it a little with both a blog AND book challenge. I decided to pick one, and the book challenge won. Blogging is a "fun" activity/baby book for G. And it's not something that really needs to be done everyday. On the other hand, reading is something I should do everyday. 

That being said..YES, I finished my book challenge. In one of my previous posts, I said that I was going to give myself another goal. This challenge will get me through to the end of the year. 20 books by the end of December. For this challenge, I will blog roughly once a month to tell you my status and how I'm doing. 

Not sure If I'm going to blog before the party - I'll be sure to post tons of pictures afterwards! 

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