Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 Years

Happy 5 years to me and my guy. 
When I think about it, 5 years sounds SO long to me. I guess since we're still pretty young, it's always going to sound kind of odd when we tell people how long we've been married. At the same time, getting married young afforded us the opportunity to really enjoy our 20's - 5 years that allowed us to:

Party Recklessly with good friends :)

Enjoy numerous vacations just the two of us AND with friends, including trips to:
Hawaii, South Carolina, Gatlinburg, Chicago, San Francisco, Florida, Louisville, and Vermont

Met some personal goals that included:
Running a Marathon (Dan)
Visiting Paris (me)

And Finally embarking on the greatest adventure of our lives to date:
Bringing our little boy into this world

and becoming a family

Yep - Happiest.Girl.Ever.

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