Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Preg Re-Cap

I decided to start with a re-cap of my pregnancy. My list of loves and hates during those 9 months. 

Here goes!

Here were some of my worst moments: 

1. I cried- All.the.time - I don't think I've ever been so annoyed with myself. The crying was constant and over really really REALLY stupid things. 
2. I over- thought everything. If someone said something to me, I would immediately think about the negative aspect of the statement...even if there was no negative, I for sure made one. 
For example: "Nicole, you look so cute today" 
What I hear in my head: "Nicole, you finally put yourself together, when usually you look like a slob". 
Not kidding, those thoughts went through my head. I laugh as I type this out because it's SO ridiculous
3. I always thought there "was something wrong" with the baby. 
  • The doctors stopped telling me Grayson's heart rate because I would become pale when it was 5 beats different then the last visit. They began to just say "It's perfect"...
  • I was told to stop reading things on the internet because I was causing my own fears
  •  I actually asked the doctor if she thought a full term baby really was "in there". Poor Dan. I kept asking the doctor "Are you SURE he's growing alright?" 
Little did I know there was an 8lb kid inside me.

4. I was a little harsh. I can joke now about it, but I was really testy.
5. I didn't sleep. At all. And most people would say "You think you don't sleep now, wait until the baby's here" Yep, I still got more sleep with a newborn. 
6. Cankles. Oh, the cankles
7. Grayson would stretch his little body inside me, and I remember laughing because it was  funny, but sooo uncomfortable. Till this day, I don't know how I managed to not get a stretch mark.
8. The constant comments/advice from anyone who wanted to tell you their opinion. 

It sounds like I hated my pregnancy, and to be honest, I really didn't care for it. I never felt "myself" physically or emotionally - and there's nothing worse to me then not being able to physically do something I want to do. But it wasn't ALL dislike....

The wonderful moments:

1. The first time we heard G's heartbeat - I was only 6 weeks pregnant, and because I wasn't getting regular periods, they did an internal ultrasound and we not only got to see the heartbeat, but HEAR it. 
2. 17 week Gender Ultra-Sound. I will never forget going to this appt, and finding out that we were having a little boy. We knew it was a boy from the second the tech popped his little body up onto the screen, and when she said "you're having a little boy", I burst into tears..because he was already our perfect little boy. 
3. Feeling those first kicks - and then all the rolls and flips after that
4. G responding to Dan reading to him in the womb. We started this very early on - about 12 wks pregnant because it gave us something to do as a family before G was born. And Grayson absolutely recognized Dan's voice just minutes after he was born. It was beautiful. 
5. My water breaking and going into labor

I love how when I see other pregnant women, I kind of wish I were pregnant again too. It's like I forgot all the sleepless nights I had. I'm curious if the second pregnancy will be different. Maybe I'll be so busy with G that I won't feel the time DRAG on. There was such a feeling of anticipation, that I literally counted down the days until he was born. I was SO READY to be a mom - we had waited 4 years to start our family, so there was nothing else for us to do but wait. 

At this point we're not in a rush to start trying again, we want to enjoy G for a bit more before adding another one to the mix. 

A quick re-cap in pictures:

23 weeks

36 weeks

38 weeks 5 days...2 days before I gave birth, and my favorite pregnancy pic.

So there it is. My pregnancy in one post.

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  1. Aww I loved that!!

    The anticipation of labor was one of my favorite parts too!