Sunday, July 3, 2011

Early 4th Celebrations

Happy 4th! (or 3rd)

So what we thought was going to be a relaxing, possibly boring day..turned into a pretty busy, fun one!

Right after I posted this morning, Dan and I took G out to run some errands. We're still doing some odds and ends stuff in preparation for his birthday. We finally bought a decent patio set this summer and needed to find an umbrella and base. 

I could've ordered something online, but I really wanted to see a couple in person. 
We found what we wanted, did some grocery shopping and headed home to get ourselves ready for the pool. We weren't sure what the weather was going to be like, and it was definitely HOT. 

We stayed at the pool for about 45 minutes before it was nap time - I think G's eyes were closed before we put him down. Gotta love the sun! 

During G's nap we were able to get ready for the small cookout we planned with the parents. 
By the time we finished making everything, G's nap was over and we were ready to kick back and cookout!

The parents have left, Grayson was put down for the night, and I caught back up on a little bit of reading. A movie is about to hit the a few pictures of our adventures today

Playing with Dad


Dad dunking G underwater

Drying off after the pool

Giving Momma  bites  Kisses

Playing catch in the backyard with Grandma

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