Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anniversaries and Baseball games

Since it WAS our 5 year Anniversary, Dan and I thought it would be good to do something away from the baby. Luckily, we were smart enough to plan something close. As the time drew near, it was very obvious we never would have felt comfortable leaving Grayson more then a night. 

We decided to stay in a nice hotel in downtown Cincinnati.  It was truly the perfect one night get-away. If anything went wrong, we were about 40 mins from home. We had a delicious dinner at the Palace restaurant, and made sure to make great use of all the hotel amenities. 

So we didn't ask anyone to take a picture of us - it just wasn't the place to ask. But we obviously HAD to take a pic of us at 5 years!

Ok, a little about my dresss. I really really liked it. I actually have a wedding to go to in September and thought that it might be a great dress to wear (except looking at the pictures, it's a little heavy on the white) ANYWAY...It was a tad tight. TAD. Yea, something that's a tad tight before dinner, happens to be REALLY tight during and after dinner. Ha. I thought I was really full after dinner and took the dress off and got a second wind. 
I will not be wearing the dress to the wedding. How would I dance in that thing?!

Grayson did pretty well sleeping over Grandma and Pepere's. He definitely knows where his bed is, and gives a hard time when he's not home, but Pepere hung out with G in the bedroom until he went to sleep, and I'm sure that made Grayson feel much more comfortable. 

Dan and I joked that Gray wouldn't want to come home after all the fun he was probably having at Grandma and Pepere's! Now that we've gotten our "1st Night Away", out of the way, I think we'll be a little more comfortable leaving Grayson for another weekend. Nothing huge. baby steps people. 

Dan received free tickets to a the Reds/Cardinals game Sunday afternoon. Since we'd been wanting to take G to a game, it was the perfect opportunity to test it out. He lasted 3 innings. hehe. 

It was 95 out, and we happened to have 7th row tickets. So we were directly under the sun. Poor grayson was sooo hot. Luckily, there were a ton of open seats in the top deck that were shaded. Off we went to the top deck where he was much happier. Albeit a little cranky because he hadn't really napped before the game had started. We would've been surprised if he lasted much longer then 3 innings. Grayson doesn't sit still very well..he wants to walk/jump/play. 

Cape Day!

It was a great weekend, and I can't believe that I'm now looking towards our next big weekend - G's 1st Birthday. It definitely has come too quick!

Oh, and I finished my 4th book. I'm so happy that I'll be able to complete this challenge. I'm going to keep it up, and will post a new book challenge when I've finished reading the 5th book (which will hopefully be this week) 

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  1. happy anniversary, and yay for getting way! i'm totally impressed, i was so nervous to leave audrey, i didn't do it until she was 17 months old! but the second child, miss naomi, well, she is 9 months and she spent the night with grandma for the first time over the weekend. we were only away for 13 hours, the time she was sleeping, but still. :) i couldn't believe i did it!

    what a fun way to spend your anniversary and you guys look adorable at the game!