Monday, August 1, 2011

The Big ONE

We made it! 1 year. So amazing..

This post is really just a picture dump of G's Birthday weekend. We had such a wonderful time with our family and friends and couldn't have asked for a better bunch to celebrate such a momentous occasion. I'm sad some of my own family members couldn't be there, but know that some of them are actually coming out THIS weekend for a second round of birthday fun!

I took off last friday from work to spend the day with G, run errands, and just hang out. Since we've never gotten to visit Pepere (Dan's Dad) at work..we decided to stop on by. Side note: Recently Grayson has started to cling (hang on my leg) when I'm home. He's much worse with me then Dan. 

Anyway, we get to Pepere's work and while walking around, G runs to my side(leg) and kind of hides behind when a stranger approaches. Cute. 
The picture below is of G on Pepere's Chair!

Cool Stuff. So Saturday morning arrives, and we have on our hands a super grump. This was the best smile I could get out of him at first...

after playing in his playroom a bit, he perked up :)

It's my birthday, yo!

Al and Michelle had gotten to the parents house late friday night, so we hadn't seen them yet. We stuck G in the car, let him nap for an hour while we ran some super last minute errands (picking up helium tank, ect) and got to the parents house completely refreshed and wide eyed. 

Al and Michelle were too excited to wait until G's party to give him his present:

G's own Super-hero Seat that Uncle Al and Aunt Meesh made him!! So so sooo thoughtful. LOVE

After spending a couple hours with Al and Michelle, Dan and I took our little guy home for his second nap, and to set up for the party.

Cupcakes and Cake made by my co-worker, Smash

We all got yet another wonderful surprise when G's Uncle Scott, Dan's older brother showed up to the party! He flew in all the way from CT last minute to spend G's birthday with him. SO AWESOME! Uncle Scott couldn't bring Aunt Dani and cousin Felix, but he DID bring this super cool Birthday trike!

(picture taken the next morning)

Of course we opened presents...

and then did cake...G was not very impressive with his "smashing" skills. He kind of just stared at the Poor Aunt Meesh has a 3 minute video of G just looking at the cupcake.

Ok, I guess I'll eat it..

My family

Aunt Meesh and Me!

Sunday morning after G's morning nap, we once again headed over to the parents to visit and go to the mall. 

Hanging out and playing

Uncle Al PLEASE give me that chip

Die with love. 

I hardly get to see family, and it was soo wondeful to catch up with Michelle, Alan, and Scott. We really got to spend some quality time together and I soo enjoyed it. Of course after any kind of visit like this, I'm a little sad that G doesn't get to spend every weekend with his aunts and uncles. On a good note, we'll be back in CT for Labor Day that will be fun!


  1. Looks like fun!! Love the theme =)

  2. wow, happy first birthday! love the party decor!