Monday, July 11, 2011


It was 105 today. 105

There was a heat warning and it literally felt like you couldn't breath, the humidity was so thick. 
I got home from work, took 5 minutes to eat, and then quickly dressed both Gray and I in our swim suits and spent an hour and half at the pool. It.was.glorious. 


Grayson is transitioning to one nap a day. Sometimes he takes one, sometimes just depends. He's fallen asleep ON US a couple times the past week, and even fell asleep on the living room floor today. Ha. It's so funny. 

I was having a not so cool friday, and went to pick G up from daycare - when I got him home, he was still sleeping in my arms as I took him out of his car seat. I couldn't believe it, that never happens anymore. So, I did what any mom would do. I layed on the couch with him until he woke up. I will never pass up an opportunity for that cuddle time. It completely made my day.

I finished my third book this weekend. On to book 4!

Oh, and a quick favorite pic.

G at 3.5 months

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