Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Days

Ahh, what a weekend!

It was SO beautiful these past couple of days. We got to enjoy the pool on several occasions and it was well worth it. I'm so happy we built in a community that has a pool literally a couple hundred feet from the house. It makes for quick easy trips, like the one friday night, where we tossed our suits on and jumped in for 15 minutes. A quick in and out and we were completely refreshed.

Grayson is a little hesitant of the water, but thoroughly enjoys "jumping" in. If you sit him on the side of the pool and countdown from 3, on 3 - he jumps into your arms!

We quickly enjoyed our community pool friday afternoon - but on Saturday and Sunday, we met up with Grandma at her pool (which is 1 mile down the rd from us). Her community pool has a larger kiddie pool, so we checked that out for a bit, and then moved to the larger pool since that's where we want G to become more comfortable. 

Saturday evening we met up with our friends for a cookout. G played with his bestie, Z (Zach). Both G and Z are in the process of learning each other's names.."G"...and "Z"...hehe. I think Z has said G a couple times:)

I'm so bummed the weekend's already over. It definitely flies by so much quicker with a little one. This evening we got to eat dinner together on the patio, something we are going to try to do more often....if I can get home in time. That's another post all in itself!

So here are the pics from the weekend!

G and Grandma

I think I was trying to point for him to look at the camera, which he is OBVIOUSLY not doing. 

it's so hard playing in the pool

Slam Dunk!

Ha. There was a kitty on the other side of the fence both boys wanted to "catch" everyone's kid rides in a carriage like this, no?
He refuses to sit nice in any kind of's ridiculous.

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  1. That first picture needs to be canvased or blown up and framed!!!!!! its so adorable