Friday, June 29, 2012

21 Weeks

  • How far along?  21 Weeks
    • Total weight gain:  6 lbs
    • Maternity clothes?  I've started wearing the long and lean tops from Target. Other then that, I wear all regular clothes. I can still (cannot believe) wear my work pants..I have to wear the bella band with them if I want to be comfortable the whole day, but I can still button them up! All my regular jeans fit.
    • Stretch marks? None
    • Sleep: Starting to sleep on my side. This little girl likes to kick a lot when I'm on my stomach!
    • Best moment this week:  seeing baby on the big screen for about an hour at the anatomy scan. She's doing very well measuring in at 13oz.
    • Miss Anything? right now, nothing.
    • Movement: Movement gets more frequent.
    • Food cravings: Nothing
    • Food aversions: Coffee still once in awhile
    • Gender: GIRL!
    • Labor Signs: Nothing
    • Symptoms: Back's getting a little worse as I workout, too.
    • Belly Button in or out? out.
    • Wedding rings on or off? On.
    • Looking forward to:  starting the nursery! We are having the wainscotting put in the nursery next week. We still don't know what furniture we're purchasing, but have decided to slowly start on the room since we can.
    • Feelings: Still feeling really great this pregnancy. It's definitely going by much quicker then the last and I'm actually enjoying it this time around! I can finally say that I'm one of those people who like pregnancy....and we'll see how my tune changes as I get closer to 30 week:)
    • Working out: I've still kept up my regular workouts - roughly 20-30 mins of cardio and 20 minutes of weights. On vacation I worked out to some of the Pinterest workouts 5 of the days I was there... which were nice...but  I REALLY love doing my full 40-50 minute workouts. I actually couldn't wait to get back home to get to the gym!
    Grayson and I are having visitors this morning - Christina, Zach and Vince! They wanted to get out of their house, so we should have a ton of fun before lunch today.
    I also order the Maya Wrap Sling and am hoping to try it out on baby Vince:)
    Hope everyone has a great weeekend!

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