Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Girl...:)

We're having a GIRL!! 

My intuition was correct - it only took the ultrasound tech 2 minutes to tell us we had a baby girl in my belly...and I literally let out a scream. I was totally wishing for a girl. I say this knowing the teenage years are ahead of me. yikes. I am so so sooo excited - I almost forgot how much adorable girl stuff is out there. Dan's even found some Met's outfits he wants to buy her :)

Now that we know that Baby #2 is a girl, we can work on a new nursery. Our plan is to keep Grayson in his room and convert the guest bedroom into baby girls nursery. The guest room is bigger, has more light, and is already painted a light color, so painting over it won't be hard. 

I've started pinning ideas on Pinterest, but am pretty glad we found out early...I'm having a hard time deciding on what I want her room to look like. I like a lot of pale pink, grey, light blue's, etc. We'd like to keep the room very similar to Grayson's in that there won't be a "theme". I love that with Grayson's room, if we want to change it up, all we have to do is put up a couple different pictures in the room. I'm not really into a room screaming "nursery". We kept his room VERY simple and I really LOVE it. We won't have time to do anything for a couple of weeks anyway, so it'll give us time to just think about what we want the room to look like.

Since Grayson is keeping his bedroom, we have to purchase a whole new nursery. I know we shouldn't complain...my mom was VERY gracious and bought us Grayson's crib AND dresser, so it's not like we've had to buy two nurseries! We also decided we need a nicer/more comfy rocker for this baby. Again, we didn't spend much money on the first one, and both agree that it will be worth the investment to buy a decent one. We would love to buy something we can put in our living room/family room when it's done being used in the nursery (if that's an option)

I'm also looking to invest in a couple baby carriers this time since I'm assuming I'm going to want to be as hands-free as possible with a toddler and newborn around. A couple ones that I'm looking at are the: Moby, K'tan, Sling Rings, Ergo...I will almost definitely invest in the Ergo, but would like a soft wrap/sling carrier for when the baby is tiny. If anyone has suggestions for a good wrap - send them my way! 

And for some random updates: 

*Gone with the old* Yesterday we went through ALL of Grayson's clothing and have given most of it away. There has been a baby boy boom in our neighborhood! Along with going through all of the baby clothes, Dan FINALLY went through all his BOOKS and sold a ton of them to Half Price Books. I'm still in shock he finally did it...He gave away well over about 150 books, while keeping a couple boxes he couldn't bear to giveaway. I was really proud of him. That's a lot of space we just freed up! 

Russ is coming to visit this weekend! The weather is looking pretty awesome, so I'm thinking a potential BBQ is in order. 

NEXT weekend we leave for OUR family vacation to Savannah, GA. We'll be staying on Tybee Island and taking day trips to the city. We are SO excited to get Grayson on a beach this summer. Which reminds me....we need a beach umbrella! 

I have to REALLY get on planning G's 2nd Bday party. I have the invites and date set...that's about it. I know I have almost 2 months (since his party is the last Sat in July)..but I swear time has been flying away these past couple of weeks! 

Oh....and guess who turns 30 this year!!! Not me. Ha. Dan. I've started some ideas on what I want to do for his birthday...no party since it's not really his style...but maybe a trip somewhere or nice dinner out with close friends. Since Dan's Bday is October 26th and I'm due Nov 9th, I'll probably plan it for the end of Sept or very early October. The end of September would work nice if I want to keep any of it a surprise...


  1. I've been looking at the Moby and Ergo also...I'm definitely thinking baby wearing is necessary the second time around, haha! CONGRATS on the girl =) so exciting!

  2. Yay for sweet baby girls!!

    And have fun at Tybee - be sure to check out the Bailey Boys headquaters and wareshouse - they have the most precious baby clothes and are based out of Tybee Island!

  3. ahh..thanks for the tip Lindsey!!