Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tybee Island Part 1

Since Grayson is napping (finally!) I thought I'd  start our vacation post and do it in two posts...since I'm taking so many pictures.

We started our drive Friday morning around 11ish..and drove to Charlotte which was around 7 hours away. We got in early enough for dinner, playtime and then bed. Bedtime at a hotel is never easy since Grayson thinks that he should be sleeping with us...so it took a couple hours to finally get him to settle down in his pack and play and SLEEP.

Since we couldn't check into our house on Tybee Island until around 4pm Saturday, we decided to try to be slow in the morning which isn't always easy with a toddler who's up and ready to go for the day by 7am. We tried to drag breakfast out as long as we could...and left for Tybee around 10am.

Traffic was a little slow getting onto the island, but once we were there it was SO nice.

We unpacked, ate and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning we got up and gave the dad's big hugs/kisses and made our way to the beach. Since Grayson is slightly terrified of water (which is kind of annoying seeing as how he's already taken TWO swim classes and frequents the pool in our development) we weren't sure how he'd take the beach.

He is REALLY scared of the waves which is KIND of hilarious. Like...says "bye bye water" and runs from it! HAA! So cute. BUT, he enjoys playing in the sand and chasing seagulls!! NO FREAKING JOKE. This is kid is all about the birds...and chasing them.

After a couple hours on the beach, it was time to nap. OR NOT. Grayson totally didn't nap Sunday...and totally didn't nap Saturday either, even in the car. This is not Grayson-like. The kid lurves his naps.

So after a couple non-nap hours, Dan and I took Grayson for a walk to the Pier and to grab some ice cream.

Monday morning decided to attempt a bike ride! This was another first for us  - and Grayson did pretty well. It was HOT. So we made sure to keep moving most of the time. We did end up stopping at a children's park halfway through to get G out and about playing.

The bike ride took about two hours (with the playground stop) so nothing very long and intensive...and we had back-up plans in case he decided he was done with the whole ordeal. At one point Dan had to yell at him to STOP TOUCHING THE TIRES. really.

After we attempted a nap which clearly wasn't going to happen, we took a trip to the beach for a couple hours. This seemed to finally do the trick since we were able to get G down for about an hour afterwards!

Today we went into Savannah for our own "walking" tour. Map in hands ready to go...we took a couple mile tour around the Historic District of Savannah, which is quite adorable. They had tons of really cute parks, shops, and little restaurants. Dan and I will be dining at one of the restaurants on the water Thursday (all alone.yey) and it was nice to check it out beforehand. Grayson did O.K. He's not really thrilled about being in the stroller, so it was a couple minutes IN the stroller and then a couple minutes out of it (we tried to get him out at every park) the parks had nice benches and a couple had little water fountains which were cute.

We got back a couple hours ago, had lunch, and put Grayson down for a nap and he finally stayed down for his usual nap schedule! I can't believe it. I am so excited.

Sorry for all the pictures, but they should mostly coincide with the timeline above!

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