Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friends and Stroller Decisions

Trying to get this post in quick!

Dan's friend Russ came into town this past weekend - and it really flew by. The boys went to the Cincinnat Reds game friday night and ended up attending the one game the Reds actually won!

Saturday morning we all decided a trip to the aquarium would be the perfect indoor activity since the heat was a bit unbearable. The aquarium has a strict stroller policy (they have dates when your NOT allowed to bring strollers in since they get so packed) This past Saturday strollers were allowed, but carriers were highly recommended. Since bringing a stroller didn't pan out for us so well at the Zoo, we throught bringing the Kelty would be a much better decision.

It ended working out REALLY well- and Grayson totally loved the aquarium! He spent almost half the visit in the carrier until he decided "All Done". Which was fine, since it's just a backpack and there's not an empty stroller we're pushing around! We will definitely be looking into othe aquariums to visit since this one was such a hit. (we did go to the aquarium in Gatlinburg when G was 6 months old, so it'll be fun to go back)

Lately Grayson is not tolerating the stroller...which is starting to change our minds on the whole "double stroller" purchase. We have time before we need to make the decision, but if anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!! My top choices are the City Select, Britax B-Ready and the Joovy Caboose Ultralight (but am open to any and all other suggestions!) Grayson will be 27 months when this next little one is born and right now either he's in the stroller or I'm holding him. He doesn't really listen to me yet, and takes off a lot if he's walking on his own. BUT, like I said before, he's tolerating the stroller less and less. It's the reason why I'm leaning towards the inline strollers that can be used as a I can just pop off a seat and not have to be pushing around a double all the time.

Sooo back to our weekend..

Sunday the boys went frisbee golfing while G and I stayed at the house. Afterwards, I got out of the house to run some errands and relax back at the house.

OH YEA. I forgot to update about my facial/massage. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure I have other coupons and am planning to go back after we get back from vacation. I seriously lOVE Becoming Mom. Ah.

HA. total picture fail.

This is where you open the door for me and let me OUT


  1. I give a HUGE vote for the City Select! We have some outings where Kate hates the stroller (like at the zoo) so it's great to use it as a single. However, I love that when we are at the hospital, I'm out by myself, etc I can use it as a double without any hassle. So nice to just keep that one stroller in my car and know it will be able to accomodate one or two!

    It really is, IMO, one of the best double options out there. I've seen the Britax version and I am just not a fan of how the back seat sits lower. I love the "stadium" seating the City Select offers so the child in the back can see over the top of the child in the front!

    Albee baby has had a great deal on the diamond white color. We have this one and it isn't white at all. It's more of a light grey and I really like it!

  2. Such a cute little man, and you sure are a darling preggie mama! :) I LOVE my Joovy. With my active monsters who love to be all over the place and HATE being buckled in, the back seat is such a good option. They think they're going for a ride, not being strapped into a stroller. They can sit (and there still are straps) or stand. In fact, Sam, who is 5, gets mad that he doesn't get to go in it anymore, since O, 3, is in the back when Em is riding up front.