Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet Brewsky!

I am so excited to announce that the Bouchard Family has adopted a dog! Brewsky is an almost 8 year old Golden Retriever, whose owners couldn't keep him anymore...luckily for us, he was exactly what we've been looking for in a dog.

Dan and I have been talking about getting a dog for a bit now, but weren't really "looking" for one...I don't know how to train a dog and Dan doesn't have the time to, so our ideal pet was one that was already trained and GREAT with kids.

We've adopted a dog that is perfectly house trained, GREAT with Grayson (previous owner had 3 small children), the MOST cuddly dog you will ever meet and the most laid back dog you will ever meet. We are so in love with this guy already. He is so well behaved that I sometimes forget he's even here. He doesn't need a leash to be taken out, although we do put him on a leash while walking the neighborhood, and answers to us when we call his name. He doesn't beg for or go after food(and grayson has definitely dropped food off his plate on purpose)....We haven't even heard him bark yet! This is a complete 100% difference from the type of dog I grew up with...a yorkie (aka, yapper!) who is fed table food constantly, would go to the bathroom in the house if you didn't take him out enough, who most definitely needed a leash, and DEFINITELY was a yapper!

The only negative right now is age....Golden's don't live that long and I'm honestly not wanting to think about how we'll have to explain THAT situation to a 6/7 year old.

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  1. He's so cute! I want a big dog so bad, but our house is too small =( And like you, I don't want to go through the whole training thanks!