Monday, June 25, 2012

Tybee Part 2

And on to the 2nd part of our vacay!

Wednesday we (Dan, Grayson and I) had a day to ourselves going to the beach, relaxing and then out to dinner. The parents went back into Savannah to spend the day (lucky them!)

Thursday we made plans to take a small hike around the Oatland Island Wildlife Center - I believe it was about 2 miles around - it took us about 2 hours to walk through since we were stopping and looking at all the animals/wildlife. Grayson seemed to have a good time here...he definitely liked the turtles! I, on the other hand, was a bit grossed out. The mosquitos pretty much ate me alive and I was NOT a happy camper. WAH.
Thursday evening was the one night Dan and I had to ourselves and it was soooo nice. We took our time going out to dinner savoring the peace and quiet of not having a wiggly toddler with us!

Friday was our last day - and we spent the whole morning at the beach. It was a little bittersweet seeing as Grayson seemed to FINALLY warm up to being in the water! If we had a couple more days, he probably would've been great!

The trip home was less then fabulous. It took us about 13 hours since we ended up hitting a TON of traffix. AHEM. Virginia. We stopped twice to eat and that was it - in the car the rest of the way. Grayson did pretty well considering everything.

I have to say, finally going on a week long  vacation was SO nice. We haven't gone on vacation for a full week since our Honeymoon 6 years ago - and it was worth it. I know for sure we will be spending our vacation on the beach next year...whether we go back to Tybee Island or pick another sunny, beachy destination.

On a completely different note, upon our arrival back home we decided to transition Grayson over to his toddler bed. He's been giving us a hard time at night for the past month and half and decided at this point, it really wouldn't hurt anything to transition. We wanted to have him transition before baby sister came along we figured we'd just bite the bullett and get it over with.

He ended up doing pretty good. He was up until around 10:00 and finally fell asleep...woke up around 3:00am on the floor and pretty much just wanted one of us to put him back in bed for him.

We'll see if he continues to be good..or relatively good. I feel like he may be "OK" until he really realizes what he can do!

No belly updates, although, I had a couple people comment today that I "finally" popped out a bit. So I'm guessing you can tell I'm pregnant now.

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