Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Z is for Zoo

I cannot believe that it's Wednesday night 

Dan and I have been working on a project for the past couple nights, and it's taking up most of our(my) fun blogging/computer time. I like to post once a week, so I don't fall behind or miss anything that we've done -So I'm going to try to get this in quickly

This past weekend, Dan's good friend came from CT to visit. The boys went to a baseball game Saturday while G and I ran some errands (bought pool toys:) We plan on bringing Grayson to a ball game this summer, just to see how he does. We'll buy some cheap-o tickets and plan on staying for an hour or so. Hey, he may even last a whole game, who knows!

Sunday, we didn't really have anything planned, so decided to go to the Zoo! 
We've been wanting to visit for awhile, and the timing just never worked. Grayson did wonderfully! He didn't fuss ONE BIT. We were there for a couple hours, and completely forgot how big the Zoo was. We didn't end up making it through the whole park, and plan on getting a season pass next year so we can do it in spurts if we want.  

Here are a couple pictures of our adventures:

Someone started to get a little tired - he has the "grump" face on

We got to see a baby Giraffe!!

About 3 minutes after we got in the car.ha.

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