Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our weekend in the CT

Memorial Day weekend – was so nice and relaxing. We stayed with Dan’s younger brother Alan and wife Michelle - who Grayson seriously ADORES. G has met Uncle Al and Auntie Meesh a handful of times, most recently right before Easter. He clearly recognizes both of them, and even throws his arms up to be held by them. I love it. I love that even though we live 700 miles away from our family, he is starting to develop a relationship with his Aunts and Uncles, and can definitely recognize them from strangers.

Grayson and Uncle Al

Al and Michelle were so good about having a teething (yep, we realized Monday afternoon that G had a cut a tooth!), whiny, drooly, 10 month old at their house. I am so grateful they were so laid back, and very cool about having us “mess” their house up a bit that weekend. We’ll be staying with them when we travel back to CT labor day weekend, so they now know what’s in store:)

We got into CT Friday afternoon and spent the remainder of the day at my mom’s house, where Grayson met his Uncle Gabe (my younger brother) for the first time. It was very sweet to see them together.

G and Uncle Gabie

That night, my mom (gram-cracker as my brother puts it) watched Grayson while I dined with my girlfriend Sarah, and SIL Michelle (Aunti Meesh!). Dan hung out with his brothers and some friends for the night – already a great start to the weekend!

Finally, Saturday morning rolled around and we were able to meet Grayson’s new cousin Felix. How sweet and adorable is he?!

We took a ton of pictures, of course!

I love how they are both looking in different directions!

Grayson: hmmm, what is this toy that poops and farts?

Poor Felix was not thrilled

Oh my, how you quickly forget the sweet “coos” and sounds of a newborn. Time truly flies, and all of a sudden your planning your babies 1st birthday. Gone are cuddles and in are the sounds of :::child throwing turtle out of crib for fun:::, :::child banging fists on wall:::, you know, toddler sounds. I could cuddle with a newborn all day. For real. 

I’m very excited to go back and visit Labor Day weekend- Felix will be a little bigger, and will probably be able to interact with G a bit more. For now, his parents will get to enjoy their little cuddlebug, and I will have to watch from far away:( 

After we spent a couple hours visiting Felix, we all took a drive to Aunt Donna’s house to meet up with more of Dan’s family. Grayson found a new friend in cousin Christopher, who I believe just turned 5 years old this April. He thoroughly enjoyed chasing Christopher (as much as a crawler can chase). I kind of wish Christopher lived a little closer, I could definitely use someone to keep G busy and tire him out somedays:) After a delicious dinner, we were all ready to go home for the night!

Sunday we woke up and got to visit my Dad and Grandparents

Oh, just chillen on Gramps

Giving Nonna Kisses <3 <3

These pictures are so priceless – I’m very lucky that G has been able to meet some of his “Great Grandparents”. They sure do love him. As Nonna repeatedly put “He smiles at me because he knows I love him” I die. again. 

That afternoon, we made it back to Al and Michelle’s for a BBQ with more friends and family. We had G meet his future wife, Lexi (aka Sexy Lexi) and they completely hit it off.

The two lovebirds

Lexi was born 5 days before Grayson, and they are obviously in LOVE. I could not get over their cuteness together. She is such a doll. Literally. She looks like a doll!

Hello, I'm the cutest Doll Ever!

Monday we relaxed for a bit in the morning, and then took a couple quick visits – to see my sisters, and then to meet some family friends. At our second visit, the McClintocks, we realized G was drooling kind of ridiculously. We are not strangers to the drool. G is a drooler – but this was different, he had soaked a shirt within a half hour! So I go in for a looksy, and what do you know – kid grew a tooth. One of his lower teeth had JUST broken through. So, as of right now, G has sprouted 3 of his 5 teeth in CT. Nice.

After our visit with the McClintock’s, we left CT. Drove straight through and got home a little after 2:00am. We got to enjoy a travel free Tuesday, which was very key after all the driving we had just done. The added bonus was that we got to visit Laura, John, and their new puppy Scout!

So that was our Memorial Day Weekend!

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