Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Ouch! and Playing with Pepere:)


This weekend, Dan and I experienced a big first:

Let me say, that we have been skating on VERY thin ice allowing G (our 10 Month old) to occasionally nap in his Fischer Price Rock and Play. He sleeps perfectly fine in his crib, but sometimes we let him cheat and sleep in the napper during nap times. And yes, his feet do actually hang off the end. And yes, we most definitely still strap him in.

Anyway, this weekend, after I strapped him in, I went downstairs and mentioned to Dan that we had to probably retire our good friend the napper. All the while, reminiscing about how wonderful it's been to us. No more then 5 minutes later we hear a crash. 

Dan took about three lunges up the stairs to find Grayson on the floor.....

My child houdini'd himself OUT of his buckled napper, and jumped out. For a minute I was freaking out, thinking I had never actually strapped him in to the thing.  No worries, because when we looked inside the napper...the strap was still locked! He wiggled himself out and literally jumped out of the thing. Luckily, Grayson only cried for 10 seconds, we put him in his crib, and he finished his nap. Shame. Shame. 

The napper has been retired to the basement. 

Other then "The Big Jump", we've been enjoying the nice, hot weather here in the Cincy area. No joke, my car read 103 twice, and got up to 105. Good times. That meant we were in the pool three times this past week. It also meant that we needed to do some serious bathing suit shopping - if the summer is going to be that warm, we're going to be in the pool a lot!

Old Navy was the key to our bathing suit success!

I was very very pleased with the 3 suits I found. I went into Old Navy only looking for G, thinking they would definitely have reasonable priced suits for babes. Just on a whim, I wandered into the women's dept, and found a couple I thought were pretty cute. No more are my "string bikini" days. I wanted something that was a little more family friendly, and found two really cute One Piece suits, and one Two piece suit. 

Sunday, we got to visit with Pepere for a little bit! Below, he's teaching G how to throw a ball for Peanut.

First you throw the ball

Then you wait for her to find it...

And then she brings the ball back..YEY!

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