Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Loving

Happy Father's Day to the best guy I know:)

We had a wonderful Father's Day - and are about to pop in a movie/show to end our busy weekend. 

Because I uploaded the pics in the wrong order, your going to get our the wrong order. Hey, it's nice to mix it up once in awhile, right?

We started our weekend off with a BBQ at John and Laura's - it was sooo nice to see all our friends. Everyone's been so busy, that it's been months since every family could make it.
I'll continue with Friday after I update Saturday, since that's where my pictures are at.

Dan's company picnic was held at King's Island this year. The weather forecast was a little gloomy, and when we first arrived, it was still sprinkling. Once lunch hit, the drizzles stopped and  we were able to walk around the park a bit and get Grayson on a ride or two. 

Unfortunately, he's still too young to go on almost everything. There were two rides that we WERE able to go on: The Merry-go-Round, and the train. So, we went on both!

Due to Grayson's love of being thrown, tossed, and flipped, we knew KI was going to be right up his alley, and he for sure loved the Merry-go-round. I'm only sad we couldn't take him on more. 

Below are some pics of his ride..

Dan's parents came with us, and told us to get on a ride of our own, while they showed off their we did! We got to test out one of the newer rides, the Diamondback. Woah, my stomach was not pleased with me after that one! 

After the Adult ride Dan and I met back up with the parents and Grayson. 

He refused to look at the camera

Still not looking...

yep, stilll NOT looking...

It ended up being a lot of fun, even though we couldn't take G on much. He loves to just look around at everything, and there's definitely a lot to look at, at the park.

Ok, now back to Friday

John and Laura had everyone over their place for a BBQ. My it's so cute to see our little boys are growing up. 
Paul, the oldest of the boys, will turn two in July, Emerson is 18 months, Zach is 16 months, and Grayson is the youngest at 10.5 months. LOVE IT!

Paul, standing with blonde hair, Emerson with brown, and G sitting

Playing with Bubbles!

A happy momma and baby shot before the BBQ

Scout giving Grayson puppy kisses

So beside our busy weekend, we've been attempting to keep up with our very active child. 
He continues to amaze us with his energy. And this is coming from two pretty active adults!
Just this week, Grayson jumped out of his napper; he took a header into the hardwood, and put his two front teeth through his upper lip; he pulled down our entryway table; and he pulled himself up to the kitchen table and smacked stuff off the top of it (I literally caught the glass pyrex bowl in time). We actually didn't realize he could reach the top of the kitchen table when we know!

Speaking of standing...
This week G has been standing more and more on his own-but refuses to take a step. He'll stand for a whole minute, and then just sit down. A lot of times we'll catch him standing in his playroom. He'll go and pick a toy up, and slowly stand up with it.

This is it. And then he just sits back down, or kind of lunges/falls forward. 
I'm like "STEP", and I try to move his foot for him. ha. no luck. 

We'll see how long it takes for him to actually take his first steps. Wow, did I say FIRST STEPS. ughhh. 

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