Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkins, Goats and Hayrides - Oh My!

The weekend update. 

Grayson got to meet all my new co-workers Friday afternoon - obviously, he was loved by all:)

Afterwards we made a trip to the park but sadly missed our friend Truit. Btw, WHO would have known that Grayson has a little friend in our backyard 2 MONTHS older then him. In mommy world this means: BEST NEWS EVER. 

It's so nice to have someone so close for G to play with. Especially in the winter when the boys are sure to get stir-crazy, I'm glad that we can just walk over to each others' house to play. 


We went to the Sauerkraut Festival this weekend. Dan loves the, not so much. They have tons of craft booths lined along the street, so there's definitely stuff for me to look at. G did pretty well - we stayed for about an hour and half which is really 10hrs toddler time. At least our toddler's time. Sitting in a stroller is not exactly his idea of fun. 

He was pretty fed up at this point

Sunday Dan had to work until about 2 (well, he had to work Sat too but was home by 11am) and we headed right on over to Shappacher Farms to go pumpkin picking, take a hay ride, and pet some animals. If you're from the area, definitely head on over - it's a really good time! 

The CA-UTEST baby goats! 

yes, my child would be the only one that attempted to climb the gate

Nom, Nom, Nom.

Grayson picking our pumpkin

Afterwards we headed to John and Lar's for some chicken pot pie and delicious pumpkin cake. 

We were cracking up at the boys playing in Scout's doghouse. So funny! It kept them busy for a good 10 mins. In and out, In and out. 

This was a little game they were playing. Zach would stand in front of Grayson and G would push him forward like a train. They both thought it was hilarious. I mean it obviously IS.

So that was it. Our weekend. We have our trip to Gatlinburg planned for next weekend and I.can't.wait. So so excited to get away for a couple days. Our first trip to G-burg was awesome and sooo relaxing. I excpect nothing less from this next trip. 

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