Monday, October 24, 2011

Pictures for the Hospital Stay

As I was going through my phone, I realized I had a bunch of pictures from the hospital that I never posted. It seems ridiculous that I post them - but more often then not, I DO come back to this blog to remember how things happened. "What G was doing 1 yr, 15months, ect" 

Here are the pictures that should've went with the Croup 2: Revenge post

Surprisingly, our experience overnight at Children's Hospital was wonderful. There were definitely some rough points (he had his manic episode, needed a breathing treatment, and then an x-ray because they didn't know why he wasn't reacting to the treatments) but being at the hospital during those times is much more relaxing then dealing with it on your own and not knowing what's going to happen if he can't catch his breath again. 

We were so impressed with Children's and I couldn't speak more highly of ALL the doctors and nurses who took care of our boy. Grayson's crib was set up with toys specifically geared towards him before we arrived, and they catered to everything we asked. I almost felt like I was being greedy. I guess that's why they are one of the top 3 Children's Hospitals in the United States!

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