Sunday, October 30, 2011

15 Months - Weighty Issues

15 Months - and we are having SO MUCH fun!

It happened really quickly, but somewhere between 12 months and 15 months Grayson got MUCH easier to take of. He is much more independent - we don't have to be standing right next to him when he plays. That doesn't mean he still doesn't hang on our legs when we're home, but he's much more content "wandering around" and playing on his own a bit. 

We go to the park a lot and he's able to roam about  - he loves following other kids around. 

Lately, we've found an AWESOME indoor alternative that we've been doing a lot - Barnes and Noble has a train table in their children's department that keeps G occupied for a bit. Even though we have a train set at home, apparently G likes to be around other kids when playing with trains! 


Weight: 21lbs 14oz (18%) - this is NOT good. 
Length: 32' (80%)

The doctor was concerned about G's lack of weight gain. A normal toddler should be gaining roughly 2-3lbs between each visit. Grayson actually lost a couple ounces since his 12 month. Both Dan and I noticed a HUGE difference when Grayson started walking - he doesn't slow down at all. He hates sitting, so getting him to eat is very difficult. It's just not a top priority for him. He's actually not a picky eater with the types of food we feed him -veggies, cheese, carbs...there's not much that he actually refuses to eat at all. He just doesn't eat much of it. 

Per the doctor's orders, we are to feed G two Pediasure a day. On top of that, we are changing his diet to make sure he's getting more "healthy fats" into his diet. 
Instead of just feeding him pieces of what we're eating, we're going to automatically feed him an avocado for lunch (he'll eat the whole thing) yogurt for breakfast, and pasta/veggies with olive oil. 

G has a weight check-up in one month to see how he's doing. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this works. 

The doctor also mentioned that he was one of the most active toddlers he's ever seen - so on top of trying to feed him enough for a "normal" toddler, he is most likely expending more calories/energy then most and needs even MORE calories/food energy. 

In good news:

Grayson is talking a lot more!
He says:
"What's that?" - ALL.the.time
"All Done!" - not funny when you put him in his highchair and he eats ONE bite of food...
"Eat" - hahahaha...every time he says "All Done" I say " EAT!!!" 
Momma + Dadda
No, No, No
Nom, Nom, Nom
Ball - on occasion
Woof - on occasion
ONNNEEE- we taught G to start counting when he climbed on things so if we aren't paying attention we can go running. This never happens
Thank you

He kind of runs now. funny.
He gives kisses a lot - and I love them
He still climbs on everything. I thought the luxury would wear off, but it hasn't yet. 
He loves being around other kids - he seems to be very social (at least to me he is)
He sleeps in until -WAIT FOR IT - 8:30!!! Um. DELIGHTFUL. It's the gift we get for getting up with him 2x a night until he was almost 10months old. 

He is SUCH a happy kid. He is constantly smiling and laughing. It melts my heart, that one. Happy 15 Month kiddo:)

Picture Updates:

Grayson and I got to have our first playdate. We met up with Miss Reese and her momma for lunch and playing at Joseph A Beth Bookstore. 

Yesterday, Barnes and Noble had their Halloween storytime -

G loves looking at himself in the mirror....


  1. So fun!! Delia is also a go go gogogo kid. Luckily, she still eats. I'm sure that's worrisome for you...I hope he gains weight this month. He looks so sweet sitting there listening to a story!

  2. Pasta w/ mashed avocado (or guacamole) was a good way to get fat into the little guy I used to nanny!