Friday, October 21, 2011

G-burg 2011

I was going to post this Tuesday...but then we had our little hospital fiasco. So here's the G-burg post a little late.

Oh boy - do we LOVE spending time in the mountains. It's just it's finest

We rented a Cabin in Gatlinburg again - our first trip to G-burg as a family was last February. G was about 6.5 months old and was just learning to crawl around. This trip was MUCH different. 

Grayson tolerates much less time in a stoller. Gone are the days we can take him out for a couple hours to just walk around. There needs to be action, and he needs to be involved. 

We started our trip Friday morning..If anyone has a DVD player that mounts to the backseat of a car- please let me know where you got it. Having G watch a video from a laptop lasts about 5 minutes until he remembers there are "buttons to press very quickly and hard" 

I took this picture to show Dan while he was driving. This kid definitely knows how to relax. He's been known to do this while we feed him dinner. Ridiculous.

The trip into Gatlinburg was SLOW.What should have taken 4.5/5 hours, really took almost 6.5. The traffic is JUST ridiculous driving in. The positive was that we had an amazing cabin to relax at when we arrived. There were 3 fully furnished floors with mountain views from almost every room. The loft floor had the BEST views and was our favorite place to relax since G had a ball just wondering around the room looking out the windows (floor to ceiling windows throughout). The perfect room to watch football and read. 

It was a little interesting to baby proof since there were so many open stairwells, but we survived with only one minor mishap. 

Our view from the Loft:

We did our hike on Saturday - a 5 mile "moderate difficulty" hike. Not too bad. Grayson had plenty of fans going up the mountain. We got tons of comments by the older generation who were very impressed that we were exposing G to hiking at such a young age. One couple reminisced "30 years ago" they strapped their son and hiked up the mountain. It was awesome. Grayson truly did wonderfully. 

At the top!

We stopped for lunch at the top and a much needed break

On the way back down, we stopped to take pictures

And G almost made it the whole hike without falling asleep..about 15 mins from the car he passed out!
Don't worry, we didn't keep his head like this.

Apparently the nap in the backpack meant that he had replenshed his energy levels...

The next day we decided to drive up to the highest point in the smokies. Once you drive up, you have to walk  up about .5mile to the lookout. Um. it.was.hard. The 1/2 mile is STRAIGHT UP. Since it was paved, we took G in the stoller.

Picture from up top

After our trip up we went to the Old Mill and walked around.

Like most trips, G is teething. He's got a molar that is DYING to break through. I'm thinking it's going to happen this week at some point.

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