Sunday, October 2, 2011


Where did this week go??!!
... I'll tell you: I was in training Mon, Tues, and Wed at work and then Thursday and Friday I came down with a really evil nice cold that knocked me out. Grayson had it too, but you know's barely a blip on their radar. He was still running around the house. 

Of course it happened to be BEAUTIFUL out on thursday. I was SO BUMMED we couldn't go outside. I hate wasting nice days. Not like we were actually "wasting" them. We were inside.."resting". 


G decided to give himself {another} busted lip. I was actually surprised at my calm when the blood started gushing out of his mouth. Like a normal day. Ha. Since this has happened before, and we had Dan's mom come over to "asses the situation", we knew no stitches were needed. G just has to learn to slow down a little. You know, not jump off the couch when he hears the garage door opening because he knows Dad is about to walk through the door.....


So after two solid days in the house, we ventured outdoors Saturday to Irons Fruit Farm to do the Corn maze- soo fun! But of course it was freezing Saturday- A mere, 50 degrees out. Sheesh! 
So worth the delicious Apple Pie afterwards, though! (maybe not so smart an idea considering I have a nice little cough to deal with now) 

Anyways, today was much nicer temp wise and we were able to get G out to the playground for a little bit. He is so brave, that kid. I love watching him go right up the stairs to go down the slide. It's the cutest. 

Too cute favorite? 
Whenever Dan kisses me, Grayson gets jealous and immediately runs over to plant a kiss on his Momma. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

He claims he"s "watching him" 


  1. I think this has to be a man thing lol

  2. what an adorable little kid! :) And really funny how your hubby is "watching" him...o my.

    following back! thanks for stopping by my blog

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies