Sunday, October 2, 2011


(posted a week late. I started the post and then life got in the way:)

"Momma, deliver us a cookie" 


 Yes, I was "summoned" to deliver a cookie to my hubs and child because it was too much effort for them to get up from football watching. 

Bad Habits. 

"Yes, that IS a delicious homemade cookie you are tasting..." 

Besides the fact that I have two lazy men in the house :)  I had a really awesome first week of  work. I got a TON done and still have so so many projects that can and hopefully will be done while I'm at home. 

The weather was kind of gloomy the whole week, so G and I were inside for both the days we had home together. Surprising how fun puzzles and just walking around the house can be! 
On top of getting more "home time" with G, I had the good fortune of really re-connecting with a good friend. My extra time home and MUCH closer commute allow me to really open up my days. I was actually able to go to a jewelry party after work one day! This would NEVER have happened before..literally because I just never would have gotten home in time for it to be worth it. I was actually able to go home, change, and play with G for a bit before even heading over to the party - still shocks me!

Want to know another thing that shocks climber child. OMG. A month or so ago, while at Dan's parents house, we watched as G climbed onto a kitchen chair and then right up onto the kitchen table. Well...he does it ALL.THE.TIME. I mean really, how many times can a kid climb onto a kitchen table before it get's boring....let me just tell you it's A LOT. 

Here are the quick pics from LAST week/weekend

Enjoying some food at Applefest last Saturday

Yep, he goes down this slide all by himself!

Climbed the rock all by himself- Dan is there "just in case" 

Kitchen table climing

Piano climbing.

So that was last week. I will hopefully get updated with this weeks post, too!

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  1. He is so so cute, and you house is such a big amazing climbing frame :)