Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carving and Dad's Bday

Pumpkin Carving time!

We only carved one pumpkin - but it was fun. Grayson was strapped into his highchair with snacks for most of the time, but we let him out at the end for pictures (which he refused to smile for) and a little bit of playing. 

Yesterday we said "Happy Birthday" to dad and showered him with presents, cupcakes and drool. 

Here's what we were doing last year . How time flies..

Grayson will be sleeping over Grandma and Pepere's again this weekend! We are MUCH more relaxed about this visit for a couple reasons

1. Grayson now solidly sleeps through the night (he was sleeping through the night last time, but was still new to the whole idea. G didn't officially sleep through until almost 10 months and our first night away was when he was 11.5months. At that point he still got up once in a while and was finicky at times going down depending on his mood.) Obviously we have our nights if there are teething issues, croup, ect. But for the MOST part, he should be able to give them a decent night's sleep without us worrying about it. 

2. The last two times G's slept in his pack-in-play (CT for Labor Day and more recently Gatlinburg) he's done REALLY well. We have no doubt he'll go right down in the p&p this time and that makes things a LOT easier on us...knowing that he'll go to sleep without any problems. Well, hopefully:)

Our plans are to go to a Halloween Party and sleep in the next morning:) 

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  1. Have fun this weekend! I feel much better about leaving Delia these days also so I know what you mean =)