Saturday, August 27, 2011

This and That

I'm sitting at Toyota waiting for my cars' oil change to be completed. Funny how something I hated doing is currently a source of relaxation. Sipping a Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee, my laptop, and a magazine. This is the life :P.

Let's be honest. I'm a little bored out of my mind. I don't like having "nothing to do", yet I'm trying to relish in the "peacefulness" of it all. I miss my little dude and hope he's super excited to see me when I get back.


We experienced another "NEW" - We were at the In-Laws last night, and Grayson, the monkey, climbed on the kitchen table chair, and then climbed up onto the KITCHEN TABLE...where he stood proudly. Smiling. 
I think the words "Oh boy" were echoed throughout the room. 


Today we're running some errands  - I'm finally going to decide what I'm wearing to the wedding we're attending this weekend in CT. G needs some more Fall clothes and I have a bunch of coupons that I may be able to put to good use. AND we are having Mexican night with Chris & Lisa..I'm attempting to make Fried Ice Cream - wish me luck!


While the east is taking a beating this weekend, we're enjoying beautiful weather here in the midwest. A trip to the park will most likely happen. 


Some great changes have happened this week, and I'm sure to have a full post about everything NEXT week.


And just because

Dan's face is HI-larious

Happy Weekending!

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