Monday, August 22, 2011


Umm, so I HAVE to laugh a little while I write this. My child, legit, takes after his mother. 
When Grayson was a baby, to get things done, I started using my feet to pick up the house. Being a cheerleader, I have pretty good balance on one leg. So I'd hold him, pick something up with my foot, and you get the picture. 

I have mad foot skillz people. 

Wouldn't you know, Dan and I were watching Grayson play the other day and he was TRYING TO PICK SOMETHING UP WITH HIS FOOT. Dan pretty much just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Talent. right. there. 

Ha. Ok, so besides the whole pickingsomethingupwithfoot thing...Grayson has been obsessed  with putting shoes on. He wants to put shoes on himself, shoes on you, shoes, shoes, shoes. He gets VERY upset when his shoes "don't get on his feet". So we've been practicing with him how to get his sandals on. It's kind of working. 


 We ventured to another park this weekend, definitely not as "baby friendly". Heck, I almost broke my neck on one of their "outdoor toys" It was still fun - and having an ice cream shoppe across the street doesn't hurt. 

 Dan and I got to attend Laura and John's annual Karaokefest Saturday! While it was fun, we are VERY glad we left when we did - Grayson decided to start his day at 5:30am the next morning! He hasn't done that in a couple months. Just goes to show - you never know with kids. O, and I made some SUPER delish Pudding Shots..that were slightly bigger then shots since I made them in cupcake tins =)

And for a couple pictures "just because"

This is what I came home to today. I mean really, can it get ANY cuter?? 

Climbing his slide this weekend

Ladies at Karaokefest

Ahhhh, Happy almost Tuesday!

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