Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I often talk about my sisters but rarely mention my bro in conversation. I guess since sisters usually have a tight bond, and brothers do this "I hide from Communication" thing, it's easy to let brother boy slip into the background. 

My brother served in Afghanistan for a year and was sent back home right before Mother's Day last year. It was so nice to see him...and I guess that was all we would see of him for awhile. 

It took my brother almost a year to actually make a solid trip back home to CT, almost a year to finally meet his nephew, and almost a year for him to talk to his sisters about what had happened during his deployment. 

Since this past Memorial Day, I've been able to talk to my brother like I used to - about once a week (which is great for a brother!) He tells us where he is (he travels often) and what he's up to (kind of)

About an hour ago, I recieved a message - and I really can't stop crying, because it's a TRUE testament of who my brother is, and who I had missed during the year when he didn't want to talk to anyone. 

My brother signed the school loans for my little sister to go to grad school. Neither of my parents could (let me re-phrase. ONE of them could, but said it wasn't their "responsibilty" that would be WOULDN'T) and he stepped up and really did something wonderful for her. 

Proud Big Sister right here. I'm done bragging. 

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