Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Long Weekends!

 So long Labor Day 2011!

This past weekend definitely FLEW by - but we are so glad to be home for a little while. Our 13 month old has taken three 11+ hour trips to CT in his short lifetime, along with a shorter 5 hour trip to Gatlinburg. He is certainly becoming quite the traveler!

Every trip is different, and this one was no exception. Grayson was awake much more during this trip then any other. He was quite fussy at times, but Dan and I alternate driving and sitting/playing in the back with him. It seemed that whenever we *thought* he would nap, he wouldn't...and when we didn't expect him to nap - he did! Just goes to show you can never really plan everything with a baby or toddler! Things change in an instant:) I have learned to become way more "go with the flow" - screaming baby? No problem! Apparently balancing an empty bottle on your head and letting it fall is downright hilarious. I would never have known this if I didn't have a screaming baby in my car :P 

One of our first stops in CT was to see my sister at work.(after quickly stopping by Aunt Dani and Uncle Scotts to get the babe out of the car for a bit) She is a teacher at a daycare, and her class of 3 year olds were just the cutest! Grayson got to spend time with his Aunt Heder and was included in "circle time" and "snack time" 

"Where's my cookie!"

"Nom Nom Nom"

That evening we did dinner at Maggie's with my sisters, Dad, Auntie Meesh, and Aunt Sari...the restaurant was so packed we were sharing chairs at one point! 

Grayson and I with Aunt Sari

Our main reason for visiting this weekend, was to attend the wedding of our friends Matt and Kate. I won't post the pathetic pictures I took with my camera or phone camera since they obviously won't do the bride and groom justice - but the wedding was definitely so beautiful and SO SO fun! 

I have to say, our Saturday was just delightful - we got to visit Auntie Sari, her "son" Mikey, Sarah's parents and brother and then afterwards met up with MY brother and sisters for a bit before heading to the wedding....while Dan and I were at the wedding, Auntie Heder, Uncle Gabe and Aunt Holly took Grayson to visit my Dad, Nonna, and Grandpa in Bridgeport...does anyone wonder why my child doesn't take a breather? We certainly are on the go all the time!

The following day (Sunday) we had lunch at Maggies with my sisters and BF (ok, we actually TRIED to have lunch somewhere else, but everything was closed) and then travelled up to Canton to visit the rest of Dan's family. It was really nice seeing the extended family, and we got to play with cousin FELIX for a bit!! My CHUBBY little nephew!

Monday morning Grayson played on the Ipad with Auntie Meesh...

"Auntie Meesh PLEASE let me touch it"

"yeaaaa...slap slap slap"

... took G to visit my mom for lunch and then headed over to Aunt Dani and Uncle Scott's to visit with cousin Felix for some "one on one" time. I think Grayson has a hard time understanding that Felix doesn't quite "play" yet. In the next couple of months I'm sure they'll be able to interact much more. I do have to say, Grayson was pretty good with Baby Felix - he gave him kisses and some soft "pats" on the head. I honestly think he was trying to be nice. 

And since my picture uploader thing wasn't working correctly, here are some pics out of order

Grayson playing with Mikey

We packed in these 3 bags and pack and play. I was very proud of this. OH, and we brought Fred

Grayson waiting for his food at Dunkin. 

Felix! So sad I didn't get any more pictures. I usually have my phone on me ALL the time snapping pics

I am so excited that Fall is officially here. We are going to our first fall festival this weekend - Corn Fest! I am THRILLED. I love everything about this time of the year. I am stalking Pinterest for any cool fall ideas/recipes/crafts/clothes. We are SO getting our fall on. I've already packed our September and October with "events" - you know CornFest, Applefest, Irons Fruit Farms Corn Maze, Sauerkraut Fest, Gatlinburg...ahhhh...I just listed SIX weekends! Like I said. THRILLLLED!

Gotta Go - A pumpkin Spice Latte is calling my name...

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