Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I scream, you scream

Temper Tantrums

Dan and I actually find them kind of funny. Grayson is pretty pathetic about it, too. He does the "fake scream/cry" and then immediately stops when something else grabs his attention. He also will, if very tired, throw himself on the ground and proceed to scream laying down. You know, like a real man. 

Luckily he doesn't throw tantrums often - I was just reminded about them today, and thought I should update about it for documenting purposes. 



He's been doing a lot of it. He's cut 3 more teeth in the past month and is in the process of cutting a molar. A couple months ago, probably when he was around 7 months, we realized G was teething on his crib. I never purchased any "crib guards"  - both Dan and I knew that once we had kids, our furniture would be destroyed whether we liked it or not - including his own crib. 

We actually think it'll be kind of funny to show him when he gets older- this was the newest damage from the weekend....

o yea, and just a little while ago, G got his leg stuck in his crib trying to climb out. Apparently the bumpers are useless at this point. 



Dan had "music class" with G this afternoon. 

"I love playing music with my feet!"

And that's it for the random update!

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  1. Delia uses her crib as a teether also! I won't be spending nearly as much money on our next child's crib, that's for sure!