Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 Months

This pic was taken .02 seconds before G went to bed last night. 
I remembered that we had to get a 7 Month pic - so we threw a {way too big} onesie on and snapped some pics. VOILA! 

 He's still cute. 

G's 7 Month Updates:

*he eats carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, avocadoes, apples, peaches, pears, nectarines.
*He's a pretty big eater. Right now, he eats two meals a day.
 2oz of fruit with 2oz of oatmeal for breakfast
4oz of vegetables with 1-2oz of oatmeal for dinner
roughly 25oz of formula throughout the day
*started swim lessons this month - he's done just as we thought - loves to kick (big surprise)
*Increased him to size 3 diaper
*Says -dadadadadadada...all.the.time.
*Grabs his own toys out of his toy box to play with them
*Gets on all fours from sitting position - just doesn't know what to do after that.
*He demands more of our attention - he screams RAWR if we aren't looking at him...and smiles when we do. such a little ham.
*Still gets up 2x a night to eat.

This month we're continuing with Swim Lessons and celebrating our friend Zach's FIRST birthday party! 

This isn't helpful to crawling..the frog. (this is the position he gets into when he tries to crawl/move from sitting)

 Just because it's cute

 This was pretty much sums up the facial expression G had during swim lessons

 You can see Dan holding G in the pool...I didn't really want to be "that mom" who got all up in the swim class to take pictures. 

This was from Gatlinburg - remember, the pic I forgot to post. Sleepy babe in a backpack. Precious

oh, and this was my little monster this morning. He refused to play on the floor like usual.  He wanted to be with Momma. So, with Momma he was. Parenting at it's finest. 

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