Sunday, March 6, 2011

On the move...Almost

G crawled for his Godmother and Grandmother friday night. For the first time.
Not sure he's going to do it again. Ok, I'm being dramatic. 
It was so exciting to watch, though. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was happening so quick. He'd been getting on all fours and rocking back and forth for a week, so I wasn't sure when he'd actually attempt to move forward. Well, when I got on the computer to skype with my mom (Grandma) he kept lurching for the laptop. So, I kept pulling him away...and he would crawl back to the laptop! So cute. I died a little. 

But, since them....He's done the get onto all fours and crawl once, then rock back into a sitting position. Stinker. 

 I'm a crawler..maybe..

But I sure do like to stand!
I mean really, Dan. 

Saturday was littered with all busy stuff. Like going to swim lessons - which he smiled at this time! 

Afterwards, we had a consultation with a designer at Pottery Barn kids to help layout our playroom. If you didn't know, which I didn't until last weekend, Pottery Barn does complimentary room designs. I brought them the dimensions of the room, pictures, and some ideas of what I wanted. 
They were SO helpful. Basically we can take what they gave us and kind of price shop to see if we can find similar ideas that may be more economical. 

The good thing is that we don't need anything crazy right now. We just need a place to put all G's toys and books. So we'll most likely get some bins, big pillows for a reading area, bookshelves for his books..and that's it. Meeting with the consultant nice to just get ideas from someone on what we eventually will need, and what to look for in pieces for a playroom. 

Oh, and Grayson got to meet Peter Cottontail at Pottery Barn Kids. He was pretty cool about it.

After the PB consult, we headed on over to the parents house to visit for a bit. And maybe show them G's crawling skills? He did crawl a little for them:)

We got a cute family pic before we headed out to our friend Zach's 1st Birthday party!
 I'm thinking G is looking more like Dan now. 

This was an honest shot at trying to get all three babes in ONE picture. We sat them down and QUICKLY tried to take a started to crawl away and the other two aren't paying attention so much.

Christina saying "hi" to G 

 Playing with Z's toys

and of course - the Birthday boy!!


And here is my child. Overly happy with his new toy.

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  1. how fun that he is beginning to crawl. my first, audrey was a late crawler- she did it at 9 months, but then started walking at 10. it's fun to see how different every child is. :)

    and i had no idea pottery barn did free consultations, that's awesome!