Tuesday, March 8, 2011


For some reason the version of blogger I had wasn't able to upload videos (at least not easily) and the new one now does. Much easier. 
This post is really just a trial in uploading a video. For the most part, I upload video's to Facebook for my family, but ONE of my sisters doesn't use Facebook anymore and soley follows the blog for updates.

So along with pictures, she can now see video's of the little dude. 

This video isn't too exciting..we bought G a new toy, and he was showing some excitement. 


  1. So cute! Delia was laughing/growling at him!! I've learned that you can upload the videos to youtube much quicker and then share from there! There's a blogger button in the share panel there.

  2. Your son is ADORABLE!!!!!! The pictures {over there ----->} are sooo cute! (I am apaul1208 from the bump blog hop)

  3. i love, love baby sounds! and good for you getting a video up!