Monday, March 14, 2011

Grayson = WINNING

Sorry. HAD TO

A lot happened this weekend in our little world.
Grayson decided that he did, indeed, want to crawl. 

Grayson also surprised us by sitting up in his bed for the first time. UMMMM. I've never witnessed Grayson roll over. SO, either he rolled over (which I'm assuming he did), or he has some SERIOUS ab muscles and sat himself up. I just can't imagine him just sitting himself up. So, I assume he rolled. ha. Either way, it was seriously funny Sunday morning to go grab him from his crib and he's just sitting there. Smiling. Just hanging out. 

Onto other Saturday things:
We started the process of getting our dining room ready to be "played" in. And here are Grayson and I hard at work! (CLEARLY)
Look at those rosy cheeks!

"Momma, I would like to see out that window"

"your not gonna help me, are you?"

After all the hard work downstairs, Grayson and I decided to do a photo shoot, upstairs.

Flying drool!


Having a photo shoot with a crawling baby is seriously hilarious. Like AVF funny. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna flip video the next session and send it in. 

"Enough with the photos, are you my stalker or something. sheesh!"

After a busy Satur-DAY. Saturday night, we stayed in and watched UCONN men beat Louisville. OH. SO. Exciting. G has a little UCONN outfit, which he'll sport this weekend. That is, if his Aunt Heather doesn't dress him in something else. 

Yep! Aunt HEDER is coming to visit for the weekend. It'll be short, sweet, and exactly what we need. Spring is on it's way!

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