Wednesday, July 28, 2010

39 weeks - you can come out now!

Dear Grayson -it's time for you to come out now. I would REALLY like this to be my last pregnancy picture. As of next week, I would love to be posting pictures of YOUR little face. Please make that happen.

If you can't tell, I'm completely done with being pregnant. I actually don't mind it that much, but the thought of going too far past my due date makes me want to cry. I don't sleep because I keep thinking that every movement "might" be a contraction, or "might" be my water breaking. I can only do this for another week or so, and then I'm done. Well, I guess not done - but I'll be really unhappy. Ha.

Here's for the Quiz
How far along: 39 Weeks
Weight Gain: 23 lbs still
Maternity Clothes: Sundresses, Maternity Tank Tops and my pre-preg cheer shorts.
Stretch Marks: Still none!
Movement: I actually still have a lot of movement, which at this point it usually slows down because baby loses room
Food Cravings:still got the ice and orange popsicle thing going on...
What I miss: got my ankles back! but would love to bend over and move around like a normal person.
What I'm looking forward to: FOR GRAYSON TO BE BORN!
Gender: BOY
Belly Button: OUT
Emotions: Frustrated
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks, and I've had a couple nights where I've had real contractions, but they've only lasted an hour or two.
Weekly Wisdom: I need to keep myself very busy until this little guy is born or else I'm going to drive myself crazy.

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  1. Little Grayson, you've been hiding much too long now, and we really want to meet you! Please listen to your mommy, and come visit soon!
    One of your MANY cousins