Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Fun tired!

Dan and I went to the Newport Aquarium yesterday, and it was seriously beautiful and seriously HOT. Thankfully, we didn't stay outside too long..just enough to walk around a little bit and breathe in some fresh air.

Afterwards we headed to Joseph Beth Bookstore to score Grayson some books/toys..and had a late lunch in the bistro that was attached. I've never actually been into Joseph Beth's children's section before, but it's AWESOME! They have tons of educational toys, and it's just a really great atmosphere for little ones.


Today, my friends threw an amazing baby shower for me (and Grayson)! Little man got so many nice things -we are soo lucky to have such generous friends!
We now have TONS of diapers, onesies, a tummy time mat, towels, carriage cover, toys...and mommy even got some additions to her Vera Bradley Baby bag!

After the shower, Dan installed the Car Seats, hooked up the monitor, set up the tummy time mat - while I put away all the diapers, clothes, ect.

Dan and I also finished purchasing and packing our bags for the hospital - I have like 17 different outfits for Grayson to come home in. ha.

So- Dear Grayson,
After Wednesday, you will be a full term baby! You can make your presence into the world then...Mommy and Daddy are anxiously awaiting your arrival and are SO excited to meet you!


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