Monday, July 9, 2012

Quick Family Post

I'm sitting here while my dad plays with Grayson in his playroom....and can I just say that Grayson is having SO much fun with his aunt and Grandpa here?!!

We've actually gotten more accomplished this weekend then I thought we would. The furniture for the nursery has been purchased and should be at BRU within the next two weeks. BTW. I seriously do NOT care for babies R Us...especially having a Buy Buy Baby that's close by. I wish we were able to order our furniture there, but BRU had the sale we needed. We ordered a crib and dresser for the nursery and are about 95% sold on a rocker/glider/recliner from Buy Buy baby. So glad we went and spoke with a salesperson because apparently it takes 8-12 weeks for these chairs to come in - yikes!

Along with ordering the nursery furniture, we went and picked out the paint colors and completed the first coat of the wainscotting that was needed. Hopefully we only need one more coat and we can move to the top of the wall...which will also most likely need two coats. We aren't sure whether we'll finish painting before we leave for the weekend....but we'll at LEAST get the wainscotting finished.

Oh. and yes, we're going away this weekend - to Milwaukee! It was a pretty last minute decision (as was my sister and dad visiting which I knew about 2 days ahead of time!). My younger sister Rachael is out there and we'll be staying with her on lake Michigan enjoying all that Milwaukee has to offer. Since this weekend falls on our anniversary, we'll be taking a trip to a Brewers game (sans Grayson) so that Dan can experience another of our great ballparks. Don't worry, we plan to take a mini vacation just the two of us in August....July has already been a tad crazy!

My sister and I got to do a bit of shopping this weekend in between cooking out, relaxing, painting a nursery....and it has been super fun. It feels like just when we were kids sitting in the family room watching Gilmore Girls Bunheads:)

Some pictures of our weekend:

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